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How Pocket Doors Can Give You A Contemporary Home
We look at how a pocket door installation in your property can give you a contemporary home.
Create A New Room With A Pocket Door
Save space in your new home with a pocket door!
Save this June
Save space and money this June - Hurry offer ends on the 15th
Pocket Doors Are the Ideal Bank Holiday Home Improvement
Looking into home improvements this bank holiday? A pocket door could be just the thing!
Single Pocket Door Kits
We have some fantastic single pocket door products available here at Pocket Door Shop.
Pocket Doors Are Perfect for Summer
A pocket door within a property is ideal in the summer months!
Save this Easter bank holiday
Save space and money this Easter Bank Holiday
Double Door Co-Ordination Pocket Door System
Open one door at a time with our double door co-ordination pocket door system!
Glass Pocket Door Packages
We look at the glass pocket door packages we have here at Pocket Door Shop!
Benefits Of A Telescopic Pocket Door
We look at the benefits for installing a telescopic pocket door kit within your property.
The Benefits of Self-Closing Pocket Doors
We look at the advantages of having a self-closing pocket door in a property.
Anti-Slam Pocket Doors
We look at the advantages of having an anti-slam pocket door in your property!
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