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Reasons To Install An Anti-Slam Pocket Door

Every home is different and has different needs. The size, layout, character, people and activities in each home make it unique. And sometimes you want to keep it that way, even when things change. So if you are a peaceful and relaxed couple, a rowdy family with kids and pets racing around the house all day, or somewhere in between, there are ways to design your home to safeguard the peace or protect it from damage or injuries amidst the occasional bouts of hectic family life.soft close pocket door accessory

This is where pocket doors offer the versatility and design character that you need. Not only do they create vital space in a room, or offer opportunities to change the purpose of a room, and all the time looking fantastic, they also offer accessories that bring huge practical benefits to the home and make pocket doors suitable for all environments.

Benefits of an anti-slam fitting

One of these is the anti-slam accessory. This uses innovative soft-close technology in a simple fitting which acts to take over when the door is closed to a certain point. This means you can use minimal force to close the door and the anti-slam fitting will do the rest; taking over control of the door’s motion and taking it slowly and softly to the ‘close’ position. 

Importantly, this also means that if excessive force is used to shut the door, it won’t slam shut, potentially trapping fingers, damaging the door or surrounding plasterwork, and making a loud bang that reverberates around the house. So whether the door is slammed shut by accident or as a result of the kids playing or falling out, the anti-slam fitting takes over and retains at least an element of peace in the house.

The beauty of the anti-slam fitting is that it can be fitted retrospectively, so if you are looking to spread the cost or have had second thoughts on what you need, it is never too late to add this practical and value-for-money accessory. Furthermore, the anti-slam fitting is easy to install and is suitable for both single and double doors, and can also be added to glass pocket doors.

Check out our anti-slam accessory

So take a look at the detailed specification for the anti-slam accessory and add it to your basket today. It may be a small investment but it can bring a big change to your home life, extending the peace you have always wanted and ensuring that injuries and damage are prevented.

Pocket doors aim to reduce visual clutter and bring a soft focus to your home, they do this with clean lines and un-fussy, minimalist design. Now they can bring audio softness too, with this amazing soft-close accessory, which makes sure that your home remains calm and peaceful, as well as safe and secure.

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