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Choosing the Right Size

There are three parameters to consider when choosing which system is best for you:

1. Door Size - The Eclisse Pocket Door system allows you to use your own doors so your design choices are not compromised. There are 10 standard UK door sizes (shown on the site) so if you know already the door size you will be using, then by using the sizing tables you can arrive at the overall wall opening you will need to accommodate the framework (an example is shown below)

2. Frame Size - If you have the space or are at the design stage, you can use the maximum overall dimension of the framework to dictate the door size and therefore the final opening you will have. This gives you the very maximum flexibility and choice.

3. Wall Thickness - Your finished wall thickness is based on your studwork size, we have kits suitable for the following studwork sizes, 63, 70, 75, 89, 92, and 100mm. If you have any queries regarding your studwork size, please get in touch. The finished wall dimension includes 2 x 12.5mm plasterboard, one for each side of your metal pocket. (studwork size + plasterboard = finished wall size) - See below for details. 

New Wall Sizes

Eclisse systems are designed for use with doors of 35mm to 44mm thickness and up to 100kg in weight, (120kgs on request)

Still need help choosing the correct size? Or require a Non standard size? Please contact us - 0113 202 8349 | info@pocketdoorshop.co.uk


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