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What accessories can you get with a pocket door?
A look at accessories you can add to your pocket door installation.
Can you buy a double pocket door kit?
A look into double pocket door kits.
Can you get a bespoke design on a pocket door?
Did you know pocket doors can also have a bespoke design on them!
Our range of fire-rated pocket doors
A look at our range of fire-rated pocket door kits.
Why a glass pocket door is great in the office
A look at benefits of having glass pocket doors in an office.
Can pocket doors be used in load-bearing walls?
A look at whether a pocket door can be used in a load-bearing wall.
Are pocket doors safe for children and pets?
A look at whether pocket doors are safe if you have children and pets.
Reasons to install a pocket door for your small bathroom or en-suite
Why you should consider a bathroom pocket door installation.
Are pocket doors energy efficient?
A look at whether installing a pocket door can be energy efficient in a property.
Can pocket doors be used to divide a room or create a closet?
A look at whether pocket doors can be used to divide rooms or create a closet area.
Can pocket doors be painted or stained to match the decor of a room?
Thinking about painting or staining your pocket door? Find out more in this article.
Can i update the look of an old pocket door?
Looking to update your pocket door? We have some ideas for you!
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