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Can Pocket Doors Be Locked For Privacy?
A look at whether pocket doors can be locked for privacy reasons.
How Do I Install A Pocket Door?
A brief guide on how to install a pocket door kit.
How Do I Measure For A Pocket Door?
Information on how to measure for a pocket door installation.
What Are The Different Types Of Pocket Door Hardware Available?
A look at the different types of pocket door hardware available from Pocket Door Shop.
Our Diverse Range Of Pocket Doors
A look at the diverse range of pocket doors available from Pocket Door Shop.
What Are The Considerations For A Pocket Door Installation?
Things to consider before installing a pocket door.
Can You Install A Pocket Door Without Removing The Wall?
Wondering if you can install a pocket door without removing the wall?
Do Pocket Doors Need A Floor Track?
We answer the question - do pocket doors need a floor track?
Advantages To Choosing A Glass Pocket Door
We take a look at the advantages of installing a glass pocket door in your property.
How Does A Sliding Door Work?
Information on how a sliding door works and the different types of sliding doors.
Are Pocket Doors Hard To Install?
A brief guide on installing a pocket door.
Choose Something A Little Different For Your Pocket Door
Want a bespoke design on your glass pocket door? We can help here at Pocket Door Shop!
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