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Save this Easter bank holiday
Save space and money this Easter Bank Holiday
Double Door Co-Ordination Pocket Door System
Open one door at a time with our double door co-ordination pocket door system!
Glass Pocket Door Packages
We look at the glass pocket door packages we have here at Pocket Door Shop!
Benefits Of A Telescopic Pocket Door
We look at the benefits for installing a telescopic pocket door kit within your property.
The Benefits of Self-Closing Pocket Doors
We look at the advantages of having a self-closing pocket door in a property.
Anti-Slam Pocket Doors
We look at the advantages of having an anti-slam pocket door in your property!
An Introduction To Pocket Doors
This post is an introduction to pocket doors!
November Discount Code
Use DISCOUNT5 during the checkout process to receive a 5% discount off a standard Unico SD (Single Classic) or Unico DD (Double Classic) Eclisse Pocket Door frame.
Mirror Mirror - Pocket Door
We can now offer a mirrored glass pocket door. Click for details.
Space Saving Pocket Doors at Q One Residence Leeds
The recent ‘Q One Residence’ based in Leeds has used over 50 pocket doors throughout the development.
May Discount Code
Use promo code DISCOUNT5 - Save 5% off standard Eclisse Unico single and double kits www.pocketdoorshop.co.uk
New door furniture for pocket doors
We have expanded our pocket door furniture range.
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