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Why a glass pocket door is great in the office

As an employer you have a basic duty to look after the health and wellbeing of your employees. Your key responsibilities relate to health and safety and creating a comfortable working environment, but looking after your team makes absolute sense when you consider how important morale is and how this contributes to productivity. Essentially, if you look after your team, then they will look after you, and this extends to how you create a cohesive and well-appointed work station, which in this case is an office.

In a work environment it is good for efficiency to make the best use of space that is possible. And that means that the pocket door is a great solution for creating usable office space where this might not otherwise have been possible. We know that the pocket door can create up to ten square feet of usable space compared to using a traditional hinged door that eats into your room space. So you can now create new office facilities and allocate individual offices to key people, but you still face the challenge of making this small space comfortable and appealing, and a great solution to this is the glass pocket door.


Glass pocket doors help to provide a healthy workplaceglass pocket door office

If you want a new office to be comfortable when space is limited, then the glass pocket door enables that. It provides the same space-saving qualities as a regular pocket door, but also allows light to shine in from outside the room and avoids that closed-off, claustrophobic feeling that you may feel with a regular pocket door fitted. When someone is spending a full working day in an enclosed space, possibly with no other form of natural light, it can affect productivity, mood and creativity, and that can lead to other wellbeing issues if the working environment is not improved over the long term. And in this situation, sometimes it is not possible to detect what the source of the problem is, which could have damaging long-term effects.

So a glass pocket door is visually appealing, sleek and elegant, creates new, usable space and also avoids the office feeling stuffy, oppressive and restricting.

The added benefit of glass pocket doors for the office is that you can also add features to enhance privacy and identity. So the glass pocket door can have a satin opaque finish, which means it lets the light shine through to create the spacious, airy atmosphere that you want, but you can’t see through it so people have some privacy. This might be particularly important for meeting rooms or human resources offices, where privacy is sometimes important. You can also add sandblasted lines to create an attractive pattern, which enhances the visual appeal of the door.


Great benefits from glass pocket doorsglass pocket door features

Another great benefit of glass pocket doors is the ability to create bespoke designs to suit your business. Many people have ordered double pocket doors with a company logo etched into the glass, or a motivational message. This is particularly popular for company board rooms, and creates an imposing, stately and professional entrance, which can be impressive for visiting VIPS or customers. Or you can simply go for a coloured pattern that suits the interior design of the business premises. Bespoke designs will carry a longer lead time for obvious reasons, but they are certainly worth the wait.

As well as these visual benefits, glass pocket doors are easy to install, in fact the process is no different to installing a regular pocket door, and they are also very easy to clean. There is no maintenance required and the doors will wipe clean just like any other glass fixture. Essentially, glass pocket doors are a sleek and elegant feature which can enhance the visual appeal of your office and create a bright, spacious and airy environment. This can help to get the most out of your team while you fulfil your basic duty to look after their wellbeing and provide a safe and welcoming work environment.


Contact the Pocket Door Shop for our full range of glass pocket doors

So contact our expert sales team at the Pocket Door Shop and we can speak to you about your office space and how glass pocket doors can provide a workable, practical and appealing solution. You can opt for an impressive double door system for a board room, meeting room or large office, or simple single door systems for a smaller office. Either way, we have options for different door sizes and wall thicknesses, and our sales team can help you order the right door for your needs, so get in touch today. 

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