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Can you buy a double pocket door kit?

We know all about the main benefits of the pocket door, in terms of its space-saving qualities and how you can change the purpose of a room simply by creating a bit of extra space. Aesthetically, we also know that contemporary homes and commercial businesses benefit from the minimalist style of the pocket door. They are clean and uncluttered, and the fact that they completely disappear from view when opened holds major appeal for people with an eye on modern interior design. However, many people aren’t aware that you can install double pocket door systems as well as single door systems, and this opens up a whole new world of opportunities in terms of how you can effectively use space and how you can maximise the potential of your home or workplace.


What double pocket door systems are available?double pocket doors

You can order and install double pocket door systems that are simply a duplication of the standard single door system. But you are restricted in where you can install these systems, because you obviously require double the wall space. Where a single pocket door requires twice the wall space in order to accommodate the frame (because the frame secures the door in both the open and closed positions), so too does the double door system. So in order to install a double pocket door system, you need wall space for the double doors, plus space on the outer side adjacent to each door to accommodate the doors when they slide open.

In addition to the standard door systems, you can also install double door systems that are:

  • Syntesis – known as ‘frameless’ systems which have no architrave and are flush to the walls, Syntesis double pocket doors are popular for contemporary commercial office spaces
  • Fire-rated – we supply FD30 fire-rated double pocket doors, which are tested to withstand the spread of fire for up to 30 minutes, and which again, are popular in commercial buildings
  • Glass – glass pocket doors are very popular in commercial offices because they utilise available light to make small spaces more comfortable and practical. Double glass pocket doors are also used for boardrooms and meeting rooms.


What are the benefits of double pocket doors?

Essentially, double pocket doors give you some flexibility for how you use available space, and allow you to make temporary changes and adapt a space to short term circumstances. So:

  • In a home – you can install double pocket doors between a kitchen space and dining room, so that people can chat while cooking and families can converse as normal, and then when eating or at all other times, the doors can be closed to create a more intimate setting. Equally, double pocket doors can open up a space between adjoining living and dining rooms, or living and sitting rooms, so that you have two separate spaces most of the time, but have the freedom to open up space to have a more open-plan home, perhaps when entertaining, or when large family gatherings happen at Christmas. Where a wall once was, you can install a double pocket door to seamlessly create ample space, and still close it off to maintain two rooms when you want to.
  • In the workplace – double pocket doors are popular for large open-plan offices, or rooms where there is a high volume of traffic, such as a canteen, training room, demo room or meeting rooms. You can open and close the doors to create temporary space as needed. Double pocket doors are also popular for boardrooms, particularly if you use glass pocket doors and install a bespoke design, perhaps incorporating the company logo. This acts as a prestigious entrance and a statement welcome for visitors and customers.


Contact the Pocket Door Shop for advice on double pocket doors

It is true that the places you can install double pocket doors is limited, compared to single pocket doors, but where you have sufficient space they make an appealing and practical feature. You can also retro-fit pocket door accessories such as an anti-slam feature, which works to control the door and provide a soft-close function. You can also install a double-door co-ordination accessory. This means that the doors are linked together so you only need to apply force and push one door open, and this will activate both doors to open simultaneously. This is particularly useful for people with accessibility needs. 

If you need any further advice on double pocket doors, where they are suitable and what sizes you might need to order, then contact our sales experts at the Pocket Door Shop.


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