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Can you get a bespoke design on a pocket door?

You already know about the space-saving qualities of a pocket door and the opportunities it opens up. In a residential setting the pocket door can help you with major home improvement projects, and can be the key to being able to install an en-suite, create a home office or find space for a downstairs toilet. In a work environment, the pocket door can create new office space, much-needed storage space and can be handy for creating employee kitchens and rest spaces. The many benefits of the pocket door largely focus on these space-saving qualities, but the visual appeal of the pocket door is often overlooked, and in particular, the ability to stamp your identity on something and create a bespoke design.

So to answer the question, yes, you can get a bespoke design on a pocket door, and our experts at the Pocket Door Shop can help you with this process.


Our bespoke glass pocket door service

The glass pocket door has the same physical benefits as the standard pocket door. It can create around ten square feet of space in a room compared to a traditional hinged door, which means you can use that extra space and fully unlock the potential of the room. A glass pocket door will make this room feel less stuffy and claustrophobic because it lets natural light flow into what would otherwise be a small, enclosed space, perhaps with no other natural light. Particularly in a work environment, this is essential for mental wellbeing and productivity. However, another option of the glass pocket door is to individualise the door with a bespoke design.

At the Pocket Door Shop we can add a satin opaque finish to a glass door to create some privacy where this is needed, and we can add sandblasted lines to create a pleasant and attractive design. But we can also adapt this sandblasting technique to offer a range of attractive bespoke designs. These can incorporate different shapes, colours and designs and can even be hand-painted with more intricate designs. But a popular service is to use a business logo, slogan or message on glass pocket doors, which are popular for meeting rooms, board rooms or demo rooms, where visitors, customers and VIPs will be impressed by an imposing, professional welcome.

Of course, the bespoke design you choose can just be something pleasant that helps you relax, whether at home or at work, and the colour scheme you choose can also reflect the interior design of your home or workplace, you can also add this to both single and double door systems. The choice is completely yours. Naturally, the cost and lead time of these pocket doors will reflect the additional work that goes into producing these designs, but this can be fully explained to you prior to you having to commit to a design. You can also opt for a number of accessories to be fitted to the pocket door system, such as an anti-slam feature which ensures a soft-close for the door and prevents noise and damage when the door is forcefully shut.

So our range of bespoke designs enable you to personalise your home and add some creative flair, while you can also add some identity to an office or other commercial space at the same time as enjoying the visual and practical benefits of the pocket door.


Other specialist doors supplied by the Pocket Door Shop

In addition to adding bespoke designs to glass pocket doors, we also offer other specialist services for non-standard pocket doors. Our specialist pocket doors include a telescopic pocket door, for areas of limited wall space but sufficient wall thickness. Here one half of the door disappears into the other half of the door, before both halves disappear into the ‘pocket’ wall recess to provide an ingenious solution. The curved pocket door is another aesthetically-pleasing solution for unusual spaces that have the potential for a sleek and elegant design. The unilateral pocket door is another non-standard solution we can offer.

You can also have a made-to-measure pocket door for those unusual areas where space is limited. Most doors and wall spaces are a standard size, but we know that buildings can be any shape or size and that shouldn’t stop you enjoying the benefits of a pocket door. So we can provide a made-to-measure pocket door (Unico / Classic Kits) up to dimensional limits of 2000mm wide and 2900mm high. This is a service we can offer for single and double doors, as well as fire-rated, Syntesis and glass doors also.

So contact our expert sales team at the Pocket Door Shop to discuss your bespoke requirements, and we can supply details of a unique pocket door system that will bring great practical benefits and an individual visual appeal, so get in touch today.     

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