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Why Eclisse Pocket Doors

The inner frame is constructed entirely of steel, creating strength and rigidity preventing the wall flexing and plaster cracking. In addition to this, the frame also includes:

  • Vertical reinforced bars - 1.2mm galvanised steel verticals in super strong profiles for increased strength and  reduced flex.
  • Metal track holder and door post - An integral metal structure, not just a track and a few pieces of wood!
  • Horizontal reinforced bars - 0.7mm galvanised steel, with a dovetail section for maximum strength and minimu flex.
  • High load runners - Four sealed chrome steel ball bearings for doors up to 80kg, you can even have runners for  120kg doors on request.

As well as the metal frame for your pocket door, we supply you with a jamb kit, sometimes called a finishing joinery kit. This is what makes the end product into a beautiful, properly finished sliding door. The jambs are routed so that the brushes we supply neatly close the gap between the door and the pocket frame. Designed by Eclisse to give a perfect finish to the system, we've left nothing to chance.

The kit is supplied with full instructions and there are even YouTube videos http://www.pocketdoorshop.co.uk/infopage.aspx?aid=18

We don’t expect you to have to spend time cutting the steels to size to suit your door, so we offer a range of sizes to fit standard UK. All you need to do is just pick the kit that fits your standard door size.

  • Self-centring door guide - The spigot guide is attached to the frame, not to the floor, and automatically centres  itself always spot on.
  • Maintenance free track and runners - Our running gear is independently tested to more than 100,000 open/close  cycles - that's more than 30 years average use.
  • Anti-Warp profile - If the door warps, this profile will stay true and the sliding action will stay smooth.
  • Adjustable stops - Fully adjustable doorstops that hold the door in your chosen open and closed positions –  ingenious.
  • Fully extractable trackOur track is maintance free, but in the unlikely event a child pokes a toy into the track, the track can be fully extractable without ever having to break into the wall! If you wanted to change the position of the rear door stop after installation, again this is easy to do, because the track is fully extractable.  


The Eclisse steel pocket door system is guaranteed for 12 years. 

There is a European testing procedure which classifies resistance to corrosion in grades from the minimum resistance of 1 to a maximum of 4. After 240 hours in a salt mist spray the Eclisse system was judged to be a grade 4 – that’s the best result you can get. So the Eclisse pocket door systems are suitable for areas of the house that are prone to moisture, such as bathrooms, utilities, and basements.

We offer free carriage on all our kits to a UK mainland postcode (exclusions do apply)


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