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New Year Home Improvements

Many of us have spent the recent holidays looking at home improvements and making plans for the New Year. That’s a natural thing to do during the festive season, and as the clock ticks over into a new calendar year, we are ready and willing to put these plans into action.home improvement pocket door idea

Not all of us are DIY experts though, and we maybe have to rein in our ambitions with the type of project we can undertake. We’ve done all the painting and decorating we can and we now have to move up a level, and pocket doors might just be the answer as the ideal solution to your home improvement itch and bringing dramatic change to your home.

Pocket doors are the retro home feature that have made an amazing comeback in recent years. Many people have rediscovered the versatile nature, the cost effective benefits and the transformative change the pocket door can bring, and now it is being hailed as the 2021 home improvement feature you can’t live without.

The benefits of the pocket door

The main benefit of the pocket door is that it creates critical space in a room compared to a traditional hinged door. This opens up an opportunity to make changes in the home to create new rooms, adapt existing rooms and provide multi-use rooms to ensure you are making practical use of all your available space. In tough economic times it makes sense to utilise your space efficiently and pocket doors allow you to do just that.

Pocket doors are affordable, easy to install and make a neat and attractive addition to the home. Our minimalist, frameless systems almost disappear into the wall even when the door is closed, but that is literally the case when it opens up, and the slick and unfussy design is proving to be a hit in contemporary-styled homes.

With people now spending more time at home and in many cases now working from home, the pocket door has proved to be a great way to adapt rooms to become a part or full-time office. Maybe the kids have outgrown their playroom? Maybe the guest room spends too long empty and can be better utilised as a home office? Maybe you want to indulge yourself with an en-suite, or a utility room or a downstairs toilet? The pocket door is your key to unlocking the potential in your home in 2021, and creating the extra few inches you need to make this change practical.

How the pocket door can transform your home

Furthermore, glass pocket doors are ideal for small rooms, by creating space and light. There will be no feelings of claustrophobia because the glass pocket door allows light to flow into and out of a room and creates an airy and spacious ambience.

Pocket doors are very easy to install and our range is provided with detailed instructions and easy-to-follow videos to assist you with the process. You have the time on your hands this year, so if you have never installed a pocket door, now you can give it a try.

So installing a pocket door is the home improvement project that could transform your 2021 and transform your home. So get in touch with the Pocket Door Shop and we can work with you to make your 2021 home improvement dreams a reality.

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