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Eclisse Not Eclipse Pocket Doors

It is not unusual to hear something so many times you begin to think it’s true! Would you believe that one of the most trusted and respected pocket door manufacturers in the businesses ( pocket door industry ) is often spelt differently by people searching for it.eclipse pocket doors

We find many customers carry out an online search for "Eclipse pocket doors" whereas the term is actually “Eclisse Pocket Doors”.

Missing out on quality

Of course, we understand where this mistake comes from, and word of mouth can travel pretty quickly when you are talking about the reputation of the Eclisse brand name. But before you know it, a game of Chinese whispers has taken place and the name can regularly get misinterpreted as Eclipse.

At the Pocket Door Shop we are fortunate to have a close relationship with Eclisse for many years, and so there are no such issues with mis-remembering the name, and we know full well that ‘Eclisse’ is a byword for supreme manufacturing quality!

Our range of Eclisse pocket doors

Our stocks of Eclisse pocket door systems include our most popular products, including single and double doors, glass pocket doors and incorporating the Unico (Classic) and Syntesis product ranges. The quality of manufacture is backed up by the ease of installation and then the consistent and long term operation of the doors, which is further supplemented by an after sales service which provides the customer with everything they could possibly want.

The Eclisse systems are supported by five very good reasons to invest in them for your home or business: a 15 year warranty, expert support, FD30 products (minimum of 30 minutes fire protection), anti-slam features and free and fast delivery in mainland UK. There are a whole host of other accessories and unique features to the Eclisse pocket doors too, so get in touch with us today and we can show you what the Eclisse name is all about.

We are confident that once you know, you know. And you will never be fooled by mis-hearing the name again. Ironically Eclisse really do eclipse their competitors, so contact us today and we can show you how.


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