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5 Reasons To Buy A Glass Pocket Door

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Many home improvement projects involve a big decision, in terms of financial investment, upheaval and mess around the house and whether it is within your capabilities as a DIY job. These are prime considerations before you get down to the nitty gritty of size, shape and design specifications of the task in hand.

With pocket doors there are many things to think about, but once you have decided that a pocket door is for you, the choice comes down to style. Glass pocket doors have become established as one of our most popular products, and are versatile for use in both the home and at work. So here are five reasons why the glass pocket door is one of the best home improvement decisions you can make.

  1. It creates a sense of space

We all know about the literal and physical space-saving qualities of the pocket door, compared to traditional hinged doors, but a glass pocket door creates an illusion of space in a small room and can transform the ambience of the room. When we convert a small box room into a home office, for example, it can feel pokey and claustrophobic, but a glass pocket door reduces that ‘boxed-in’ feeling by allowing you to see outside the room.

  1. Let the light shine in

Glass pocket doors allow light to shine both in and out of a room, so you can get the benefit of light flooding into a small room from the corridor outside and you can enable light to shine from the room into the corridor. This is particularly transformative in the summer months, but can also make a big difference in the darker months when light is at a premium and our mood can be brightened by a little more light in the home.

  1. A little bit of privacy

Our range of glass pocket doors can be supplied with a satin opaque finish, which means they are stained to allow light to shine through, but also to create privacy. This is ideal for an en-suite at home, or for an office or meeting room at work, where it is important to see that there is someone in the room, for security purposes, but that person or people are afforded some privacy.

  1. Elegance

The design of our glass pocket doors immediately creates a sense of elegance and style. The glass in itself creates a contemporary design, but the ability to install these with no architrave (Syntesis pocket door system) creates a chic, minimalist look that really packs a punch. This is particularly effective as a double door for a boardroom at work, for example, and we can also supply these doors with etched, sand-blasted lines which can be visually effective in an office setting and at home.

  1. All the same benefits as our standard pocket doors

In addition to the transformative space-saving qualities, which can enable you to create new rooms and multi-purpose rooms when you never thought you could, our glass pocket doors can also be supplied with a range of accessories. Glass pocket doors can be retro-fitted with anti-slam features, touch latch control and double-door co-ordination, where double doors are used.

These many benefits all combine to explain why the glass pocket door is one of our most popular products, so give our sales team a call today and let us discuss how the glass pocket door can benefit you.

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