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Why A Glass Pocket Door Is Good For A Boardroom

The glass pocket door has become a popular product as it brings all the space-saving and space-creating benefits of the normal pocket door, but offers plenty more besides. A glass pocket door can help transform the use of a smaller room, firstly by creating space compared to a traditional hinged door, and secondly by letting light flood in and helping create a more spacious and airy atmosphere. If a person can see and feel space through a glass door, that room becomes more comfortable and will, hence, be more usable.

With the glass pocket door, these benefits can be experienced both in the home and in the workplace. But the main benefit of the glass pocket door in the workplace is in creating prestige and a professional, contemporary appearance, as well as creating a comfortable working environment. This is why glass pocket doors are widely used for boardrooms and meeting rooms.

Double glass pocket doors

Creating a good first impression is vital to most businesses, and hence the appearance of a boardroom or meeting room is very important. You want it to be classy and stylish and create a modern, inspiring and powerful image to match the ambitions of your business. This is because it could be the location which welcomes visitors, clients and other VIPs, as well as hosting internal meetings of great importance.

A boardroom will usually have a double door, and hence our range of double glass pocket doors can create an imposing and impressive entrance, immediately transmitting the message that this is where high-powered and critical things are decided. Our Syntesis glass pocket door system with no architrave or door frames are also very popular, as they are clean and unfussy and are the ultimate in providing a sleek, minimalist and chic appearance.

Satin opaque glass pocket doors

The great benefit of glass pocket doors in the workplace, and particularly in a boardroom, is that you can have a satin opaque finish to create a smoked effect and hence enable some privacy. So this design will still allow light to shine through and provide an airy, spacious and relaxing ambience, but it will also provide the confidential environment that these kind of meetings require.

Furthermore, the satin opaque finish can be tailored into a bespoke design, which can carry your company logo or an inspirational message. This is very popular for boardroom doors where an organisation can etch their logo onto the door and really stamp their authority and branding on it to create a professional and authoritative boardroom.

So glass pocket doors, and in particular double glass pocket doors, are the ideal solution for boardrooms and meeting rooms in the workplace, as you are more likely to have the required wall space, and they create a practical and visually appealing solution. So browse our pocket door range and speak to our sales experts, and we can recommend the best solution for your workplace. And pretty soon you will be making the tough decisions and brokering those lucrative new deals in the best and most suitable environment.

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