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The Benefits Of A Steel Pocket Door

steel pocket door systems

We know that the major benefit of the pocket door is that it creates space in a room, which may enable it to become a multi-functional room or to open up opportunities for new rooms in the home. But the pocket door has many other benefits too, and certainly at the Pocket Door Shop we are very proud of the contemporary and minimalist design we can create and the light-producing properties of our glass pocket door range. Perhaps the most practical benefit, however, is that our complete pocket door assembly is made from steel.

The end-to-end steel construction is one of the key factors in our pocket door systems being reliable and long-lasting. And while the use of steel may not be a feature that contributes to the visual appeal of the pocket door, it is every bit as important when making a purchasing choice.

What parts of the pocket door are steel?

Of course the door itself is not steel, but the critical frame assembly is 100% steel and this is integral to the range of benefits you will enjoy. Four main elements of the door are steel, these are:

  • Vertical reinforced bars
  • Horizontal reinforced bars
  • Track holder and door post
  • High load runners

The combination of these steel features contribute to:

  • Superior strength and rigidity
  • More stability and consistency
  • Lightweight and easier to handle and install
  • Cheaper

Using steel for the frame within the wall cavity means that the material won’t flex the wall and potentially crack or damage the plaster. If you used wood, for example, that can warp or spilt, which could damage the wall and can also cause problems with the sliding action. Using steel means this action is smooth and consistent over a long period of time, which is crucial when you are opening and closing doors several times every day.

Other benefits of using steel

Steel doesn’t change in shape or surface property, so you can be assured that you will enjoy a smooth opening and closing action over the long term, but also that the frame will demonstrate strength and rigidity over the same period of time.

Furthermore, our steel frames have undertaken corrosion resistance tests and been awarded a maximum grade 4. This is a European classification method ranging from one to four. The material is subjected to a salt mist spray over a 240-hour period and classified according to the appearance and surface structure at the end. Being awarded grade 4 is the best possible result and is a major contribution to us being able to offer a 15-year guarantee on our pocket door frames. It also means that you can confidently use our frames in areas where moisture may accumulate, such as in bathrooms, kitchens, utility rooms or a basement.

Our pocket door range

You can contact us to discuss your pocket door requirements and how the steel construction can benefit you. Certainly we find that, apart from anything else, the lightweight steel material makes the frames really easy to handle when installing, but this doesn’t detract from their effective long term strength. So get in touch today and let our experts supply you with an all-steel pocket door system.

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