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Pocket Doors For Lockdown Home Improvements

home improvement pocket doorThere is no doubt that 2020 hasn’t panned out how anyone had hoped. We may have had extravagant plans for holidays, weddings or birthday celebrations, but instead we are stuck at home, watching boxset after boxset and getting a thrill out of staycations in the UK. But the home improvement market has certainly seen an uplift, and the pocket door could be key to you getting something positive out of 2020 after all.

Spending more time at home than ever before, and having very few social plans on a weekend, have left us staring at jobs that need doing, and running out of excuses to avoid them! An unexpected mini property boom has led many people to undertake home improvement jobs to get their house ready for selling, whilst others are simply making the most of the time at home and realising that if they are stuck in the house, they might as well make it more enjoyable.

Making changes around the home

So, home improvement jobs have crept further up the list, and the pocket door is a feature you may not have considered, but which could open up a whole host of opportunities around the home.

Are you working at home now rather than in the office? Many people are as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, but we don’t necessarily have the space or facilities to do it long term. You have a spare room upstairs but it’s not big enough, and you also need a guest room. So a pocket door might just be the answer and a way that you can gain a few inches to allow you to fit a desk and chair, whilst also accommodating a bed or a sofabed for occasional guest use.

The critical space that a pocket door creates in comparison to a traditional hinged door, also means that you can create a practical kids’ playroom, or a new bedroom for when one child reaches an age where they need their own room. You might also be able to create an en-suite with a toilet, basin and shower with those critical few inches.

Making the most of 2020 and beyond

Downstairs there are possibilities too. You might have always wanted a downstairs toilet, and with a pocket door, it can now become a reality. You can also create a utility room off the kitchen, or just a storage room to keep things tidy. Maybe you can connect two rooms to create a kitchen-diner or a route through from the dining room to a living room, which is great for opening up the house when you have guests.

The vital space that a pocket door creates in a room may not seem much when you look at it, but it might just be the difference which enables you to make life-changing home improvements. And after the year we have had, everyone deserves the chance to treat themselves. So, get the tape measure out, speak to our experts and soon enough you will be able to make transformational changes around the home, with the simple installation of the pocket door.

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