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Eclisse Double Pocket Doors

double pocket doors

In terms of the inherent benefits of Eclisse pocket doors, you won’t be surprised to learn that double pocket doors offer the same benefits as standard single pocket doors. In fact in terms of their space-saving abilities, they naturally offer double the benefit of a single pocket door. This means the transformational effect of double pocket doors is enhanced and they could make a huge difference to your home or indeed the workplace.

Certainly double pocket door kits suit some locations better than others, and they don’t work in every setting. In the home they are popular in creating a divide between a sitting room and a dining room, or between an open-plan kitchen and a dining room. Of course if you have sufficient wall space they can also be used upstairs as bedroom doors or bathroom doors, but this is more unusual.

The benefits of double pocket doors

In a workplace setting, double pocket door systems are often used as an entrance to boardrooms or a top executive office. Their design immediately offers a feeling of prestige and importance, and certainly for a boardroom they are a powerful feature that gives a good first impression to important visitors or customers, particularly if you are able to incorporate a bespoke company logo in an etched glass design, for example.

Eclisse Double pocket doors are able to use space well and become an elegant feature, and all you need is sufficient wall space to be able to incorporate two open doors in two wall cavities, as opposed to one for a standard single pocket door.

Our range of Eclisse double pocket doors takes advantage of some of our best design features. So you can have a fire-rated double pocket door installed, or a flush double pocket door, which has no architrave fitted and hence is a visual treat as it is virtually invisible when the doors are fully open. This is a great contemporary and minimalist design for the home or office, as is a glass double pocket door; one of our most popular designs, as it allows light to flood through your property and makes smaller rooms feel more spacious and airy. This of course is enhanced when the pocket door is double rather than single.

Our range of double pocket doors

When assessing our range of double pocket doors, you should also check out their compatibility with our accessories range. These really help you get the most out of your pocket door installation, but speak to our experts to make sure the double pocket door you want will be able to incorporate the appropriate accessory. Some of our double pocket doors can be retro-fitted to include anti-slam fittings for a soft-close, touch latch accessories – which allows you to eject the door from the pocket with a short push – self-closing accessories and double-door co-ordination, which is a great feature enabling you to open both doors with just one push.

So contact us today to establish what your double pocket door needs are and we can advise on the most suitable material, design and range of accessories. The pocket door can be a revolution to your home and workplace and the right combination of double doors and accessories can really start to enhance your lifestyle, so get in touch today. Contact info@pocketdoorshop.co.uk | T: 0113 202 8349


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