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Glass Pocket Doors For The Brighter Weather

Most people have been looking forward to 2021 more than most calendar years after the 2020 we all endured, and that is particularly true of the better weather that is coming our way soon. All summers arrive after a long and challenging winter period, but this year the anticipation of the warmer and brighter weather is off the scale. So now is the time to get prepared and make sure your home is summer ready, so you can really make the most of it.doors that let light in

And that means home improvement projects, and one of the most popular at the moment is the installation of pocket doors, and in particular glass pocket doors.

The motivation for installing pocket doors is usually to create space and to transform a room for a new or a multiple use. So a pocket door can create the critical few inches of space to turn a kids’ playroom into a spare bedroom, or to be able to have a part-time office and part-time guest bedroom. The space created compared to a traditional hinged door can make all the difference, but in terms of having a dramatic effect on a room, glass pocket doors have another trick up their sleeves.

The benefits of glass pocket doors

Pocket doors are often used in smaller rooms, perhaps for an en-suite, to create storage or to make a small office out of an under-used box room. Whilst creating space is a big factor in that, you also need to create light. Particularly if the room is to become a home office, light is critical if someone is expected to spend all day in a room. So glass pocket doors create the illusion of space and an airy ambience, by allowing light to flood into a room from a corridor or adjacent window.

Of course this is maximised in the summer months when the days and nights are longer and there is more light to spread around. This is the period you need to make the most of, so now is the time to get prepared and make sure you are set up to create the brightest, most inviting and warmest environment possible.

Our range of glass pocket doors

Our range of glass pocket doors at the Pocket Door Shop come complete with all fittings required and are simple to install. You can choose from single or double doors and can opt for a satin opaque finish, which is perfect for letting light shine through, but also for providing privacy and security where necessary. You can also opt for sandblasted lines as a decorative effect and we can even supply bespoke glass designs.

So our glass pocket doors provide all the same space-saving and aesthetic benefits but also have practical benefits for making rooms more comfortable and inviting. At a time when more people than ever are working from home and we are investing to make our homes more calming and relaxing, the glass pocket door might just be the answer. So before the summer months pass us by, make sure you order your glass pocket door today.

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