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Making A Home Office With A Pocket Door

2020 has presented us with many obstacles, complications and changes to our routine. If you had the option of working from home, that was a fortunate situation as it allowed businesses to stay afloat and people to keep their jobs. But it wasn’t an ideal situation in a lot of cases, as people ‘made do’ with whatever facilities and space they could muster at home.office door

As lockdown progressed during the summer months many businesses decided to make changes, and home-working became the norm. Whilst for some businesses it was essential to have people in the workplace, others found they could adapt, and some decided that employees could share their time between home and the office to keep costs and the risk of infection down. This meant that home offices were becoming a permanent arrangement rather than a temporary one, and this prompted a rush of home improvement jobs as people adapted rooms in the home to create an office, and that is where the pocket door came into its own.

How a pocket door can enable your home office plans

Creating a home office is fine, if you have a spare room available. But that isn’t always the case. So to create a new room many people have had to partition off other rooms, or make existing rooms multi-purpose. So the box room you used to just use for storage may have become a new office, the guest bedroom you hardly ever used may have become your new workplace, or the kids playroom they have now outgrown has been converted for your day-to-day business life. Sometimes a room has to become multi-purpose, so it is a home office during the week and a spare bedroom as needed. You might even convert the garage into an office or a utility room you don’t use very often.

However you decide to create a home office, people have learnt to become more efficient and that it makes sense to fully utilise every room in the home, particularly if you are pushed for space. In that sense, the pocket door has come into its own in terms of creating the critical few inches you might need to create a new room.

The benefits of the pocket door

Compared to a traditional hinged door, the pocket door doesn’t protrude into the room and create dead space that can’t be used. This means that you might be able to accommodate the office equipment you need, which typically includes a desk, a chair, a printer, maybe some shelves and a cabinet. Even if you want to make this a temporary set-up during the week and to be packed away at weekends, your plans may still depend on creating a few inches of space.

Because the pocket door neatly slides away into a recess in the wall, this opens up lots of opportunities to use a new room as a home office, where you can be comfortable and have the privacy you need away from the rest of the house. Businesses have learnt to be flexible and efficient during 2020, and to cut costs and save on unnecessary travel, people are working at home more and more. This means you can be more flexible too, and converting a room into a home office with the use of the pocket door, is making your home fully efficient as well.

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