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Eclisse Unico SD Pocket Door Kit (95mm Wall Thickness)

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  • Pocket Door kit for a single door. Ideal to save space and make more practical use of any room.
  • Quick and easy to fit, bolts into 63mm or 70mm stud work creating a 95mm wall finish when used with two 12.5mm plasterboards (not supplied) - for further details click here
  • 10 Kit sizes to choose from, to suit 10 standard UK door sizes (door not supplied)
  • Max door weight 100kg | Suitable for use with 35-44mm thick doors
  • Pick the kit you require from the below options
  • Eclisse pocket door frame with track and runners
  • Supplied with single wooden jambs inc. dust brushes
  • Recessed door post with integral rubber bumpers

Doors, plasterboard and final architrave NOT supplied.

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Download - Data Sheet | Installation Instructions

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600 x 2030 1294 x 2115 95 626 2040 £249.00 £227.00
700 x 2030 1494 x 2115 95 726 2040 £259.00 £232.75
800 x 2030 1694 x 2115 95 826 2040 £259.00 £232.75
900 x 2030 1894 x 2115 95 926 2040 £269.00 £242.25
1000 x 2030 2094 x 2115 95 1026 2040 £279.00 £242.25
585 x 1971 1279 x 2056 95 2ft. 0in. x 6ft. 6in.
(610 x 1981mm)
£249.00 £227.00
661 x 1971 1455 x 2056 95 2ft. 3in. x 6ft. 6in.
(686 x 1981mm)
£259.00 £232.75
737 x 1971 1631 x 2056 95 2ft. 6in. x 6ft. 6in.
(762 x 1981mm)
£259.00 £232.75
813 x 1971 1707 x 2056 95 2ft. 9in. x 6ft. 6in.
(838 x 1981mm)
£269.00 £242.25
900 x 1971 1894 x 2056 95 3ft. 0in. x 6ft. 6in.
(914 x 1981mm)
£269.00 £242.25

New Size 95mm


Additional Product Features:

  • The beauty of the Eclisse system is that there are kits that will fit 10 standard UK door panel sizes, this means you have the freedom to use our system with an existing standard door panel you may already have, or to match the door you use with other doors in your property.
  • Maintenance-free track and runners.
  • Fully adjustable front and rear track doorstops. 
  • Anti-warp door profile
  • Self-centering floor guide
  • Install to finish floor level
  • Timber Jambs - Please note – timber is a natural product and will vary in colour and grain, we therefore can not guarantee that every section of timber will exact match, images shown are for illustration purposes. Timber jambs need to be cut to size to suit your kit.
  • 15-year guarantee on the complete Eclisse steel pocket system and runners
  • When fitting flush pull handles we recommend the stop be regulated so the door protrudes from the pocket to avoid risk to fingers. Should the door be adjusted to enter the pocket completely we do not accept any liability.




DescriptionSizeFormatGet File
Unico Classic 95-115 - Frame Installation3294274.pdfDOWNLOAD
Unico Classic 95-115 - Door Installation1631042.pdfDOWNLOAD
Eclisse Unico Classic - 95mm - Data Sheet307968.pdfDOWNLOAD
Wall Size Guide137051.pdfDOWNLOAD
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