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Why Do You Need Self-Closing Pocket Doors?

In addition to the many space-saving and aesthetic benefits of the pocket door, there are a number of accessories which can be fitted to add lifestyle enhancements. Sometimes these help with legal or health and safety requirements and sometimes they are simply practical enhancements to make life a little easier. And in the case of creating a ‘self-closing’ pocket door, there is an impressive range of benefits that this can offer you.

Self-closing pocket doors can be created by installing a simple and innovative device.

self-closing pocket doors

This enables the door to close automatically once it has been opened and of course allows time for a person to pass through the open space:

  • The device is a bracket system which fits to the back of the door via a very easy five minute installation
  • It is invisible from the outside
  • It can be fitted retrospectively
  • The closing door speed can be adjusted
  • The fitting is not suitable for flush door systems or glass pocket doors
  • Once the fitting is installed it does reduce the passage size by between 8-10mm
  • The self-close fitting is also compatible with the soft-close/anti-slam fitting
  • Our models SCM01 and SCM02 – suitable for single doors with a max weight of 40Kgs
  • Our models SCM02 and SCM04– suitable for double doors

Why do you need a self-closing pocket door?

There are a number of reasons why a self-closing device might be useful or convenient, and these also extend to legal requirements in some cases.

So what are the reasons behind needing a self-closing pocket door?

  • Convenience – you may have your hands full and can’t reach round to close it
  • Children – they are forever leaving the door open!
  • Age/Disability/Limited mobility – self-closing removes the need for your physical input
  • Damage limitation – self-closing avoids damage by repeatedly touching and pushing the door
  • Fire doors – a closed door prevents the spread of smoke and fire, so self-closing doors may be a stipulation for your building, but this would be under guidance and direction of building safety authorities
  • Energy-saving – ensuring a door automatically shuts will prevent draughts and keeps warm air in a room, potentially saving energy costs
  • Hygiene – in areas where bacteria transmission needs to be restricted, self-closing doors remove the need for people to touch door handles
  • Privacy – self-closing doors ensure people are not visible for longer than necessary or without their knowledge
  • Security – self-closing doors can help prevent unauthorised access
  • Noise protection – self-closing doors can reduce the spread of noise pollution

Quality pocket door accessories from the Pocket Door Shop

As you can see, the motivations and justifications behind installing self-closing pocket doors are many and varied, and hence they are suitable for a huge range of different rooms. In the home you might use them for bathrooms, bedrooms, en-suites, closets, storage or for doors between a kitchen and dining room. In a workplace they might be useful for an office, meeting room, storage room, IT server room, kitchens or medical rooms. And of course, any doors used as fire doors.

The self-closing accessory is one of the most popular and versatile retrospective fittings, so speak to our sales team at the Pocket Door Shop and we can advise on the suitability of the self-closing fitting, what model you might require and price and availability. So give us a call today.

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