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What is a Telescopic Pocket Door?

telescopic pocket doorThe pocket door is an ideal solution for creating space and solving issues with space. You already know that, as it is the main identifying asset of the pocket door and the primary reason most people move away from the traditional hinged door.

Within the product range of the pocket door, however, there are a variety of different design solutions which act to offer practical uses more specific to what you need, and sometimes you don’t even know they exist until you see them. One of these is the telescopic pocket door.

Sometimes you have the space for a double door in the home, but for a whole variety of reasons, you might not have the capacity to accommodate a pocket door cavity in two walls either side of the door. Maybe the door is near a corner or nearer an end wall? If you are able to create a cavity on one side only, then the telescopic pocket door might be the ideal solution for you.

Explaining the telescopic pocket door

The single telescopic pocket door is a system whereby two doors disappear into one wall cavity. The doors fit into each other within the wider wall cavity, hence why they are called telescopic doors, because the doors open up like a telescope opens us.

Every home is different, and every household is different. So you have varying needs and desires in the home, and the telescopic pocket door is a design solution that aims to solve some practical issues and ensure that the great benefits of the pocket door are open to everyone.

With a telescopic pocket door you have the option of leaving one or both doors open. So most of the time you might just fit one door inside the other, but leave them stationary in the door frame and not the wall cavity. This allows you to move freely between rooms but maybe cuts out some of the drafts you might feel coming through if the door was fully open, and it also allows enough light to come through.

The benefits of the telescopic pocket door

Maybe in the evening you can then shut both doors, and when you are entertaining or have a few people round you can open both doors and really open up the room? The telescopic door allows you that option to vary how you leave your doors, which can have a big influence on your comfort, enjoyment and relaxation at home. You can also add a synchronisation device to control the movement of both doors at the same time and ensure they are always moving smoothly and simultaneously.   

The telescopic pocket door kits come complete with full wooden jambs for a professional finish, and are subject to the same free delivery conditions as all our other pocket door products. So talk to us about your household issues and we can make suitable recommendations. If you have written off the pocket door thinking it is not practical in your home, the telescopic pocket door might just be the answer to transform your home.

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