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Pocket Door Specials


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We have a range of spcialist kits which including, Curved, Telescopic, Novanta and Unilateral units.


For further details on our specialist kits please see the information box below or contact Pocket Doors on info@pocketdoors.co.uk | 0113 202 8349 for a quotation.




 Curved Pocket Door


Curved - A completely new way to interpret the division of internal space. Curvy, modern and spectacular; makes any interior design special. Various sizes and radii adaptable to a wide range of requirements. Elegant and innovative curves in interior design.

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Telescopic Pocket Doors


Telescopic - Telescopic frame allows two door panels to go into the same wall giving the widest opening and light for the shortest wall space. A synchronized system is also available and allows the two doors to slide into the frame smoothly and simultaneously.

Maximise the opening, reduce the wall space needed.

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Novanta Pocket Door


Novanta - Half slide – half hinged, the Novanta has a single door which slides a bit and hinges a bit for those areas where there’s not enough wall space for the standard unit, like a small utility room or a WC. The perfect ‘little loo’ door.

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Unilateral Pocket Doors


Unilateral - Unilateral frames allow two opposite doors to slide into the same pocket. It requires only a single frame's overall dimension, but it hosts two parallel doors going in opposite directions.

It is ideal when you have two parallel doors and a short wall space like corridors and hall entrances.

Exploits even the tightest of spaces

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