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What accessories can you get with a pocket door?

what accessories can you get with a pocket door?

Once you have your pocket door installed you will enjoy many years of trouble-free operation and a practical and aesthetic improvement to your home or workplace. But the lifestyle improvements don’t end there, because you can further embellish your quality of life by adding accessories to your pocket door and enhancing the useful elements of it.

The Pocket Door Shop can supply a wide range of accessories which in all cases can be retro-fitted to your pocket door after it has been installed, but of course can also be selected when ordering your pocket door system, so that everything is installed together. So check out our range of accessories and take your pick of the practical enhancements that will make your life that little bit more enjoyable.


Soft close/anti-slam

This is the only accessory that is an option for all the pocket door systems available, and hence is also one of the most popular. Do you have kids who can’t help slamming the door? Do you have people rushing in and out who tend to put too much force on the door? Maybe your house develops a wind tunnel in summer when doors and windows are open? The soft close/anti-slam accessory takes control of the door at a certain point and makes sure it closes softly in the resting position. This prevents noise, damage to the door and possible injuries. There is also a bi-directional soft close accessory which can be added to work in both directions, ie. it controls the door operation when both opening and closing the door.


Touch Latch

Most people like to install the pocket door so that it lays flush in the pocket when fully open and there is no portion or leading edge of the door sticking out of the pocket. This is more visually appealing and adds to the neat, uncluttered style of the pocket door. The touch latch system enables this by allowing you to eject the door from the pocket with a slight push on the leading edge of the door. The touch latch accessory is available for the standard and glass doors (both single and double), while there is a slightly different version which is specifically for the Syntesis system.



Having doors that automatically close after they have been opened is extremely useful, even if you don’t at first appreciate the need for it. Again, kids are often guilty of leaving doors open, but essentially anyone can. Maybe you are often walking through the door with an armful of items, files if you’re at work or food if you’re leaving the kitchen at home. A self-closing mechanism helps maintain climate control, maybe also helps with security and in general just helps with making the place look neat and tidy. It is also a helpful accessory for those with accessibility issues, because they don’t have to worry about closing the door behind them. The self-closing feature is available for standard doors and fire doors, both single and double variations.


Double-door co-ordination

Why extend effort opening both doors when you only need to open one? This accessory links two double doors together and enables the user to just use the action of opening one door, and this will actually open both doors together. Naturally the double-door co-ordination accessory is suitable only for double doors, and while one accessory is for the standard doors, a variation is also available for the Syntesis door system. Again, this accessory is useful for people with accessibility issues and is also helpful for people who are walking through doors with only one hand free.


Door edge pull

This accessory is similar to the touch latch system in that it allows the user to install the pocket door with no protruding leading edge, so that it sits neatly flush in the pocket. The door edge pull is a cassette that sits in the leading edge of the door and includes a small lever which pops out when engaged and can be grabbed easily to close the door. The door edge pull is a feature available for the standard and Syntesis doors, both single and double.


Contact the Pocket Door Shop for more information about our accessories

Our range of accessories should not be confused with pocket door furniture, which are the locks and pull systems that are integral to the everyday function of the pocket door and are less of an option and more of an essential. If you need any further information about our accessories and what doors they are suitable for, then contact our team at the Pocket Door Shop today.


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