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The General Types Of Door You Can Use With An Eclisse Pocket Door Kit

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The best home improvement projects are a success because of the planning you put into them. Many a DIY installation has gone wrong because you don’t have enough materials or tools, or you have ordered the wrong materials. This can be frustrating, costly and have a knock-on effect of delaying other plans. So it is important you plan ahead to get the right materials, and the key to that is reading up on the available options and asking for help where you can.

At the Pocket Door Shop we specialise in supplying the Eclisse Pocket Door system. This has numerous benefits in terms of being strong and robust, easy to install and it comes with all the fittings and associated accessories you might need. But the Eclisse system is also suitable for a wide range of door styles and sizes, making it an adaptable and cost-effective home improvement solution.

Value for money pocket door solutions

The Eclisse Pocket Door system is suitable for use with all the 10 standard UK door panel sizes. We can supply a frame system to suit all these doors, meaning you can find a door amongst our range that suits your space, or you can even re-use an existing door with a new pocket door system to save costs.

Our range includes imperial and metric sizes. The imperial door sizes are 1981mm in height and in width are 610mm, 686mm, 762mm, 838mm or 914mm. And in metric the options are 2040mm high and 626mm, 726mm, 826mm, 926mm or 1026mm in width.  All doors need to be within the range of 35mm to 44mm in thickness and ideally weigh no more than 100Kgs, although we can accommodate 120Kgs upon request.

So if you choose a door from our range it will be within these parameters outlined above, or you can use an existing door to save unnecessary outlay. You can also re-use an existing door to ensure that the door you use with your pocket door system still matches all your other internal doors.

What styles of pocket door can we supply?

Of course you know about the space-saving qualities of the pocket door, and now you know that you can re-use existing doors within the Eclisse pocket door system. But if you want to change to a new door for practical or aesthetic reasons, there are several different types that can be accommodated within the Eclisse system.

The simple options are single or double doors. Double doors are most popular in the workplace for meeting rooms, board rooms or demo or training rooms. Obviously single doors can be used in almost any room and we have all the 10 UK standard door sizes available. Other door types we supply include glass pocket doors, which are ideal for use in the home or the workplace, where a small room needs to be brought into regular use. A glass door allows more light to shine in, making it feel more spacious, bright and comfortable.

We can supply FD30-rated fire doors for pocket door systems and also we have some special bespoke door types. These include systems which allow for areas where there is limited wall space, these solutions are telescopic pocket doors or Novanta pocket doors (where the door is half pocket and half hinged). You can also order a curved pocket door if you want interior innovation and a spectacularly elegant design.

Contact the Pocket Door Shop for your Eclisse system requirements

Whatever you want from your Eclisse Pocket Door system we are sure to be able to supply it, so contact Pocket Door Shop today and we can discuss your requirements. Our range of styles is designed to suit all standard needs and in a flexible, appealing and value-for-money way, so get in touch today.

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