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The Benefits of Self-Closing Pocket Doors

self-closing pocket doorPocket doors can comfortably lay claim to the title of the design comeback of the decade, and at the Pocket Door Shop we are seeing an amazing upsurge in interest in what was a classic Victorian design, but which is now being incorporated into contemporary office spaces and new-build homes.

You may already know about the ample benefits of pocket doors; their space-saving qualities, their modern, sleek appearance, their easy installation and their low-maintenance, but did you know they can be fitted with a self-closing mechanism that brings even more advantages?

Of course the pocket door system itself is an ingenious design, but when you learn you can fit a self-closing mechanism within the same wall space you will wonder why every building doesn’t have one. The self-closing mechanism allows the pocket door to close automatically when opened, but importantly this can be adjusted to close at varying speeds. So if you need to leave in a hurry, or you have children who are forever leaving the door open, the self-closing pocket door will do the job for you.

People leaving doors open can be a regular frustration, in terms of letting cold air in or warm air out, for privacy purposes or simply for making the place look untidy. You need never worry about this again with the self-closing mechanism which is enclosed within the door frame and allows the door to slide closed by itself. The door and the jambs do not need to be removed in order to adjust the closing speed, so it couldn’t be easier and the self-closing mechanism can even be retro-fitted thanks to the patented removable track system.

We can only supply the self-closing mechanism to be fitted on our Unico SD (Classic) and FD30 Kit, unfortunately it’s not suitable for double door kits, but this still leaves a huge range of options you have to choose from. Door weights up to 40Kgs can have the self-closing mechanism fitted, but for heavier doors you would need to consult us personally to see if this facility is suitable.

The advantages of the self-closing mechanism are numerous:

  • It allows quick and simple access and egress from a room
  • It leaves you with the same style and visual appearance as a normal pocket door, with the whole design mechanism hidden neatly away in the wall cavity
  • It has an adjustable closing speed
  • It can be fitted retrospectively

So, check out our range, browse away and make a selection of the perfect and elegant pocket door package to suit your home or office.

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