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How Do I Remove A Pocket Door From The Track?

how to remove a pocket door from its track?

The pocket door is an adaptable and reliable piece of interior design, but like any internal door it undergoes considerable use on a daily basis and is affected by other design changes which might occur in and around it. This means there are occasions where we might need to remove it from its hanged location on the overhead tracks.

On the face of it this might look like a complicated task which requires removing the walls where the pocket is, and may require access to the entire pocket door system, but that is not the case. Removing a pocket door from its tracks is a relatively simple job, and this guide is designed to show you how to do it.


Why would you need to remove a pocket door from its tracks?

There are a number of reasons why you might need to remove a pocket door from its tracks. As we have already discussed, the pocket door will be opened and closed several times on a daily basis and that adds up to considerable use over an extended period. Naturally this can lead to wear and tear on the track or rollers, which therefore may require some minor maintenance.

Another reason why you may need to remove a pocket door from its tracks is to repair some damage to the door. This can occur if the pocket door installation has been poor or something has knocked into it. There may also be a reason why you need to adjust the length of the door by plaining a section off the bottom. This might be the case if you are fitting new carpet that is thicker than the previous flooring, or you are adding a floor trim. In this case you will need to remove the pocket door from its tracks.


How to remove the pocket door from its tracks

The good news is that the pocket door can be removed from its tracks through the normal door opening, you won’t have to tear the wall apart. However, if you have added a plastic trim around the edge of the door frame, this will need to be removed, but it is a simple job and if you are careful, this trim can be re-used. Just use a Stanley knife to score a line around the middle of the trim and carefully peel it away to reveal the door frame. If you haven’t used a trim, then you don’t even need to do this bit, but you will need to remove any hardware or accessories attached to the door, such as soft-close or self-close mechanisms. You will also need to remove the jambs from the top and bottom of the door installation. These are used to keep the door centred and running smoothly.

Once you have removed any obstructions which may hinder the removal of the door, you are ready to lift it off the tracks.

  • Pick the door up from the bottom half and carefully and slowly tilt it towards you, ie. lifting the bottom away from the floor with the top still attached to the track.
  • Once you have a decent angle you should be able to push the door straight up, while maintaining this angle, and the door should lift off the track at the top.
  • You may need to find the right angle if the door doesn’t lift off straight away. Be patient and either increase or reduce the angle while maintaining a secure hold on the door. At some point you will find the right angle and the door will come away from the track.
  • Be aware that you will suddenly be bearing the full weight of the door, and even though the door is relatively lightweight you need to position your body to allow for this.
  • Once the door is free from the track, carefully lift it clear of the track and the door frame, paying particular attention if it is a glass pocket door.
  • The door will be nice and light, and manageable, but be careful with it at all times and use somebody to help you if necessary. Having a second person with you can help to prevent damage to the door frame and the pocket door assembly because, even though the door itself is light, it can be large and cumbersome to hold and you are holding it at an awkward angle while lifting it off the track.
  • You are now free to carry out any task you need while the door is off the tracks.

Even if you are just replacing the door or fitting new carpet, it is recommended that you carry out some routine maintenance on the tracks and wheels whilst you can. Inspect the mechanism, clean it and maybe oil the track if you think it needs it. This should enable you to enjoy an extended period of trouble-free operation of your pocket door.


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