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Benefits Of A Telescopic Pocket Door

Pocket doors are one of the surprise design success story of the decade, making a solid comeback into homes and offices as a great looking, space saving solution. Both at home and at work, we demand high standards and we also insist on design features that suit us and make our lives easier, and this description perfectly fits the pocket door.

You will already know about the benefits of the pocket door, in terms of allowing an extra 10 square metres of space in the average sized room, providing a neat and contemporary finish, allowing the option to remove door frames or coving, they are robust and long-lasting as the door isn’t moving outwards and being knocked into, and finally, pocket doors allow you freedom to move furniture exactly where you want it, as you don’t have to worry about the door opening outwards and knocking into things.

Another great feature of pocket doors is the special designs they can incorporate, such as soft closing and automatic closing, and another is the telescopic pocket door. This is a simple but ingenious design that can save space, enable maximum natural light and still looks fantastic.

The telescopic pocket door is effectively two doors that can move simultaneously into the same wall space or cavity. This does mean that the wall cavity has to be double the thickness to accommodate the two doors sat next to each other, when the door is in the open position, but it also allows you greater flexibility and functionality.

Telescopic pocket doors are ideal when you have only a small wall space but you want a wider door opening, or you want to create as much natural light as possible via a wider door. The door width is effectively double the width of a normal pocket door, allowing more light, but the same wall space is sufficient to house both of the telescopic doors when they are open.

Such innovative design has enabled pocket doors to gain a foothold in the market, where everybody is looking for the ideal design solution, but they still have to be visually attractive and what you want in the home or office. And certainly the telescopic pocket door adds more versatility and adaptability to suit the room or wall space restrictions you might have.

With a great range of wooden, contemporary finishes, the telescopic pocket door can offer the widest opening and maximum light for the shortest wall space, and exists as the perfect solution for the tricky design problem you might have at home or at work.

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