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Pocket Doors 2019

Many home improvement projects are a big investment and require careful consideration. At the Pocket Door Shop we fully understand that when making big decisions you need to be supplied with trusted and reliable information, so we have built a formidable team of experts who can supply you with the critical details and the experienced advice that comes with being an industry-leading supplier.

There is no substitute for experience and our team of experts have seen it all. Pocket doors are often the key to making dramatic changes in the home, such as creating new rooms or fundamentally changing the function of a room, so you need trusted advice on hand and at the Pocket Door Shop we can certainly guarantee that.

Providing background technical information

Our product information is extensive, with comprehensive detail and all the options you have available. This is what you would expect from any organisation, however. Where we go the extra mile at the Pocket Door Shop is in providing background technical information that can make the critical difference in a particular pocket door style being suitable, or a pocket door being appropriate in a practical and functional sense.

So our team of experts can advise on the size of pocket door you need, taking into account the door size you want, your available frame size and your wall thickness. A detailed instruction on this can be found on our website. We also have a wealth of information relating to the installation process. With detailed diagrams and informative installation videos, you can see with your own eyes how straightforward the installation is, and how it can be applied in your own home.

How you can contact us

Our website also has a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section, and this is where our expertise really comes into its own. We mentioned earlier that you can’t beat experience, and certainly the FAQ section is testament to that. We know what issues you are likely to come up against, and we know what concerns and queries you are likely to have. This is completely understandable and perfectly normal.

So to pre-empt these concerns we have answered your FAQs already, with comprehensive solutions and full guidance on how to navigate the everyday issues that come with a standard pocket door installation.

Every home is different however, so occasionally something comes up that may require some more specialist assistance. If you can’t find the information you need on our website there are numerous ways you can contact us to speak directly. Our experts are always at hand to help, so you can phone us, email us, send an enquiry through the website or you can take the old-fashioned approach and simply call in to see us face-to-face. We always have someone available to speak with you, and if you have as much industry expertise as we have at the Pocket Door Shop, it seems a waste not to make it available to everyone. So get in touch today.


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