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Why Eclisse Pocket Doors Are A Great Choice

Our long-standing partnership with Eclisse at Pocket Door Shop has given us unprecedented access to the professionalism and expertise that goes into their pocket door designs. We have high standards at Pocket Door Shop and our fundamental objective is to deliver a consistent quality of product and offer great value for money at the same time.eclisse pocket door image

With Eclisse we know our customers can enjoy a range of products which offer practical and cost-effective benefits. But you might be wondering how Eclisse pocket doors offer such benefits, and what specific advantages you might find with them? Here we are going to look at the amazing design features of Eclisse pocket doors, and discover what makes them stand out from the crowd.

Essentially there are six main reasons why our Eclisse products are so popular, and these are not just built into the design of the pocket doors but are in the service and longevity of the products also. Let’s take a look:

  • Clever Design Features

Practicality is everything with an interior design feature such as this, and it is often the little things that make a big difference. The track and running gear is fully tested and is predicted to run to 100,000 open and close cycles. That works out at an average of 30 years’ usage. Low maintenance also comes from the fact the profile stays true and doesn’t warp, while the adjustable stops ensure that the door is held in the precise open and close position that suits you.

  • Strong but easy to handle

Eclisse pocket doors are made completely from steel. So the vertical and horizontal reinforced bars give the frame superior strength, but also mean the frame is light and easy to handle. This makes delivery and installation so much more manageable.

  • Easy installation

We have mentioned the lightweight, easy-to-handle nature of the Eclisse pocket door systems, but installation is also made easier by a simple design and our instructional videos. We also have plenty of information on our website and our technical expertise is just a phone call away.

  • A quality fit

Many people talk about how Eclisse pocket doors not only fit perfectly but offer smooth running consistently. This is down to the inherent design characteristics, but also we supply a jambs kit with the doors, which is known as ‘finishing joinery’. These kits are suitable for both timber and glass doors and help the doors close neatly and run smoothly.

  • 15-year guarantee

As well as operational testing, the Eclisse pocket doors undertake corrosion testing also. This involves 240 hours’ exposure to a salt mist spray, and after such testing the doors were certified as having Grade 4 corrosion resistance. This is the best grade possible and therefore makes the doors suitable for locations where moisture can gather, such as kitchens, bathrooms and basements. This enables Eclisse to offer a 15 year warranty on their door systems.

  • Free delivery

Free delivery on all kits, this is the little added extra that many people love. You maybe don’t expect such a large package to be delivered free, but Eclisse can do that for all UK mainland locations.

So check out our full range of Eclisse pocket doors and contact us today to make sure you share in these amazing benefits.

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