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What is a Jamb Kit?

Timber Jamb Kit

^ Jamb kit suitable for timber doors

Glass Jamb Kit

^ Jamb kit suitable for glass doors

Along with the metal frame we supply also the finishing joinery kit, sometimes called the jamb kit. It's this that makes the finished product into a beautiful, professionally finished sliding door. The jambs are made from quality finger-jointed pine with a real wood cherry walnut veneer, unfinished and ready to accept a stain, paint or varnish.

The kit includes the vertical wooden jambs that cover the leading edges of the pocket and the top horizontal jambs that cover the top of the door/brackets.  These are supplied with brushes that attach to the jambs and project towards the door to give a good finish to the internal pocket. Apart from double door installations, where it is not needed, we also supply a recessed wooden doorpost. As the door closes it enters the recess in the doorpost, ensuring a clean, vertical closure line with no chinks of light peeping through. 
The finishing touch - rubber bumpers for the internal angles of the recessed doorpost, so the door closes quietly with no clash of wood on wood.

Eclisse, the professionally finished sliding pocket door system.

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