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What Types Of Pocket Doors Are There?

The range of home improvement projects that incorporate the pocket door, makes them one of the most versatile and adaptable features of interior design. A pocket door might suit your project for practical reasons, ie. it creates a critical amount of space where you need it, or it might be suitable as more of a visual factor, such as double glass doors to make an impressive boardroom in a commercial business. Of course you might have chosen the pocket door for a combination of these reasons, because the pocket door has so many attributes and its resurgent popularity over the last few years comes from it becoming a key feature in home improvement designs and one that suits modern, contemporary design.

So if you are considering a pocket door for your new en-suite bathroom, home office, guest bedroom, kids’ playroom, downstairs toilet or utility room, take a look at what pocket door systems are available and where they are best used.

Single or double doorsdouble pocket door

Double pocket doors are more often used in commercial offices, where there is more wall space and they are ideal for meeting rooms and board rooms. But they could be used in a domestic setting to link a sitting room and lounge or dining room, for example. And of course single doors are most popular because they are more widely seen in both a domestic and commercial setting.



Fire doorsfire pocket door

In a domestic environment fire doors are often required between kitchens and living areas, however we recommend you speak to your local building control with regards to your fire door requirements. The fire doors supplied by the Pocket Door Shop look visually very similar to our other products however they are supplied with a special fire rated jamb kit with integrated architrave providing 30 minute fire protection.



Flush systems

These pocket door systems effectively translate to ‘no architrave’, which means they have no surrounds on the door and hence are very much suited to modern, contemporary spaces which are minimalist in design. These flush doors are elegant and stylish and in a functional sense still offer exactly the same benefits.

Glass pocket doorsglass door

Our range of glass pocket doors can be supplied as single or double doors, and are ideal for changing the use of a small room, so that light can shine in and the room feels bigger and more airy. In a commercial setting glass doors can be branded with logos, and the satin opaque (frosted glass) finish is ideal where security and an element of privacy is required. A variety of sandblasted designs also make these doors very attractive and appealing.




Sliding Door Gearsliding door image

Do you like the concept of pocket doors but don’t have the wall thickness to create a ‘pocket’? Or you don’t want the work involved in creating a pocket? If so, sliding door gear has the same principle as a pocket door, but the ‘open’ door runs along an overhead rail and sits adjacent to the wall, rather than in it. This is a great and affordable alternative to the pocket door.




Bespoke sized pocket door kits

Upon request, the Pocket Door Shop have a number of bespoke sized pocket door kits available in various configurations, including single, double, fire rated and flush designs which are made-to-order. For special bespoke sized pocket door kits please send through your sizing details and requirements for a provisional quotation and lead times.

You can contact our sales experts at the Pocket Door Shop to discuss all our designs and we can help you establish which of our pocket door systems is the most suitable for your home or work design project, so get in touch today.     

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