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The Many Ways You Can Save Space with An Internal Door

For many people saving space in the home is a constant battle. Whether it is simply tidying up after the kids or a structural need to create another room in the home, there are lots of ways you can do it, and a door to that room is often the deciding factor that allows you to go ahead with the project.

Alternatives to the traditional hinged door are plentiful:

Bi-fold doors

These are practical and very easy to install. The bi-fold door has pivots which allow the door to fold in on itself and then to be pushed to the side to open up the space. While this is simple and attractive, the door does require some space within the room to allow it to fold, so it does protrude a little into the room and eats into the space you are looking to save, albeit not as much as a hinged door. A bi-fold door is also limited in options and styles and often takes on the look of a door that isn’t permanent. While this would work with some box rooms or where you are simply sectioning off a room to make it easy to tidy, it wouldn’t work with a small bathroom or a toilet.

Folding sliding doors

You are effectively looking at a bigger version of a bi-fold door here, with this type of door used as a partition to section off larger spaces between rooms, rather than as a door itself. When these are opened for entertaining or during the day when you are moving frequently between rooms, they open up the space really well. They can also be used for a long set of wardrobes that may measure the full length of a room. Again, you don’t get a great range of options with these doors and when folded and left open they can look a little untidy, and they often need to be secured to ensure they stay open and can’t get knocked by the kids or pets.

Barn Doors

A barn door is the closest design to the pocket door, in that the concept is the same but instead of the door sliding into a wall recess it simply sits along the outside of the wall when in the open position. Naturally, the barn door provides most of the same benefits of the pocket door, is easy to fit and is adaptable to many different styles and colours. However, it does sometimes look a little unusual and untidy when the door is open, and you also need to ensure there is clear access along the side of the wall each time you wish to open it. Further details on our barn / sliding doors can be found here https://www.pocketdoorshop.co.uk/view-product/Brunello-Barn-Door-Sliding-Door-System

Pocket Doors

space saving pocket door

The pocket door is the undisputed champion of space-saving doors as it is adaptable to so many different rooms and space-saving requirements. You also have a fantastic range of options to suit your home and what you want it to bring to your home. The pocket door is neat, unfussy and has no protrusion into the room, making it the 100% space-saving solution.  Further details on our pocket systems can be found here https://www.pocketdoorshop.co.uk/category/282/Pocket-Door-Systems

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