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The Increasing Demand For Space

Moving home is well known to be one of the most stressful things you can do, and yet a lot more people are doing it. In the first three months of 2021 mortgage lending for the purpose of moving home went up from 27% to 42% of all mortgages offered1 compared to the same period in 2020. This is compared to mortgages for first time buyers and for buy-to-let landlords, which stayed much the same, and for people who are re-mortgaging, which actually fell.pocket doors double

The property market has seen a resurgence since the first lockdown in April 2020, with house prices seeing a 10.9% rise in the year to May2 with people fed up of being stuck at home during the pandemic and pressing ahead with their dream home plans regardless.

How people are creating more space in 2021

Creating more space is one of the main reasons for moving home, vying with upgrading, a new job, empty nest syndrome and relationship problems as one of the most popular factors prompting a move. Over the last four years, since 2017, houses of four bedrooms or more have accounted for 25% of total properties sold, this compares to one bed flats which represent an average of 10%, and two-bed houses which represent only 15%3.

This race for space is believed to have been triggered by people learning to work differently during the pandemic. This has combined with the stamp duty holiday extension and people wanting to move to less urban areas, to create a housing boom and a keen interest in properties with more space.

But there is a well-known supply problem with housing in the UK, so people are looking at what they already have and trying creative ways to find more space. Some of these can be expensive; a loft conversion, an extension, a conservatory or a summer house. But the answer to your problems could come in the form of the humble pocket door.

Install a pocket door to solve your space problems

Where people are needing a permanent office at home, or even a second permanent office at home, sometimes the creation of a few inches extra space can be enough to utilise a room differently, or to enable it to become multi-purpose. So a pocket door instead of a traditional hinged door, could give you enough space to fit a desk, chair and shelving unit into a kids’ playroom that’s hardly used now, an occasional-use guest bedroom or a former utility room that suddenly feels like an extravagance.

Pocket doors which conveniently disappear into the wall can allow you to convert these rooms for a completely new purpose, or a shared purpose. Furthermore, you can use a pocket door to create an en-suite for the bedroom or an extra storage space in a spare room.

These multiple uses of the pocket door offer the flexibility that is becoming essential to modern living, where people and families are learning to adapt their lifestyles and bend conventions to maximise their homes and create vital and usable space. So contact Pocket Door Shop and let us explain how we can change your lives too.


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