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The Benefits of Pocket Doors for Bathrooms and En-suites

bathroom pocket doorHome improvement projects can be costly and take weeks and even months of planning. Often there is a fundamental problem with a home that you can’t afford to solve and it becomes a huge and ever-present source of frustration. One of these can be the layout of a bathroom, often the smallest room in the house.

This can be the fact that you can’t fit a shower and a bath into your bathroom, or maybe you have a room with a separate toilet and you want to somehow fit the toilet in the bathroom and use the other room differently? You might have designs on an en-suite for your master bedroom or even a downstairs toilet. Sometimes these grand plans can remain on hold purely because you need a couple more inches of space, or because you can’t afford to be knocking walls down or installing a skylight.

How much space does a pocket door create?

One solution to your problems could be the use of a pocket door. This can add space without having to knock walls down and could make all the difference in transforming your home and releasing years of frustration.

A pocket door typically opens up an extra 8 square metres of space in a 100 square metre room. This could be the critical difference in being able to fit a bath in, or to stop the door banging on the toilet. It could make the difference in being able to install an en-suite at all. Those critical inches can open up a world of possibilities, and in a cost-effective way.

Moving walls and adapting other rooms can be costly, and often the limiting factor in a bathroom is a lack of natural light, which is something you always want to create a fresh and airy feel. If you can’t afford the expense of installing a skylight, the pocket door could be the answer.

Have you considered glass pocket doors?

Glass pocket doors will help with your space issue, but will also allow natural light into the room, and of course the glass can be a frosted/satin door style to allow complete privacy. A glass pocket door will also make the bathroom appear bigger, immediately removing any sense of claustrophobia and providing your bathroom with a sense of comfort and relaxation.

A pocket door is ideally suited to a bathroom because it has a clean and smooth action and adds a sense of calm and elegance to a space where you retreat to relax and revive. Quite apart from the additional benefits of cost, space and light, the installation of a pocket door will remove your tension and frustration at the limitations of your home, and replace them with a soothing sense of satisfaction at a home improvement job well done.


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