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The Benefits Of The New Touch Latch Accessory

The many attractive features of the pocket door are not just about the practical benefits – saving space in a room, creating space in a room and changing the function of a room – but are also about the aesthetic benefits in the home or workplace.touch latch pocket door kit

Pocket doors are able to make rooms bigger and airier, they make a room feel clean and uncluttered and perhaps the biggest benefit is that they can be completely concealed in the pocket once opened. Now Pocket Door Shop have devised a new accessory which helps with the concealing of the pocket door, and adds a neat practical touch which offers an innovative solution and some comfort to your daily routines.

What is the touch latch accessory?

The touch latch accessory allows you to eject the door from its pocket when it has been fully opened, with just a small push of the door leaf. A simple, gentle push on the leading edge of the door is all that is needed to eject the door out of the pocket, and acts as the perfect solution if you wish to set your door fully flush into the pocket. With this being a common motivation behind fitting pocket doors, we are confident the touch latch will become one of our most popular accessories.

With the touch latch installed, now there is no need to fit a leading edge finger pull to enable you to close the door, which saves another installation job and further helps to conceal your door within the pocket. Aesthetically, this leaves the door almost undetectable to create a clean, neat and contemporary living or working space.

Our new touch latch accessory is an inexpensive addition to your pocket door set-up and it brings a number of other benefits too:

  • It can be retro-fitted to your existing pocket door system
  • You can use two touch latch accessories and therefore add the system to double pocket doors
  • The touch latch accessory can be added to glass pocket doors also
  • You can use the touch latch accessory in conjunction with the soft-close anti slam accessory too
  • We can incorporate the touch latch accessory into bespoke pocket door systems for you

The touch latch accessory can enhance your daily routines

The touch latch accessory is suitable for the standard Unico kit and the concealed Syntesis kit and can be easily retro-fitted if required. At a small cost of just £19.95 plus VAT, the touch latch system is a practical, visually appealing and inexpensive addition which may appear small and insignificant, but will bring great benefits to your daily routines.

Speak to us today about the touch latch availability and we can also talk you through installation, compatibility and the other great pocket door accessories that can go with it. The touch latch system is the next stage in complete home and workplace comfort and aesthetic appeal, so speak to us today and make sure you feel the benefits too.

Buy online – Touch Latch for the Unico Pocket Door Kit | Touch Latch for the Syntesis Flush Pocket Door Kit

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