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Stylish ways to incorporate pocket doors in your home

stylish ways to incorporate pocket doors in your home

The pocket door has enjoyed a triumphant 21st century renaissance, having been largely dismissed as an awkward Victorian design feature. It is true that much of the appeal of the modern pocket door is in a practical sense. The pocket door helps to create space in a room, and for people looking for cost-effective ways to utilise space and maximise the efficiency of a home, the pocket door is an affordable solution and prevents the need to physically expand a home, or in extreme cases, to move home altogether.

So pocket door systems are an innovative solution for creating space, but interior designers are also warming to the idea that a pocket door is a contemporary design solution from an aesthetic point of view. As well as practical substance, the pocket door adds a little style also, and here we have put together a rundown of the best ways you can use pocket doors to add design style to your home.


Clean and unfussy

The pocket door is perfect for modern homes because it is a simple and unfussy design in how it looks, but also in how it performs. A door that disappears into a pocket wall recess is almost a space-age concept compared to a traditional hinged door that stands as a large obstruction when in the open position. Because the pocket door completely disappears when open, this makes spaces more simple and uncomplicated, but also more inviting.


Syntesis design

Taking the minimalist chic of the pocket door to the extreme is the Syntesis system, which has no surrounding architrave and hence sits flush to the wall. This is the ultimate in clean and understated style, and is as simple to install as all other pocket door systems.


Embellish your door

Once your pocket door is installed and working, you can decorate it just like any other door. People like contrasting colours between the door and surrounding architrave, while you can opt for a more subtle colour change instead. You can even sand and varnish the door to exaggerate the natural wood grain in the door, if you have a more traditional or rustic interior design. It is also possible to hang a mirror on the back of your pocket door, of course ensuring that there is still sufficient clearance to enable the door to open into the pocket. This is particularly useful if the door is being used in a small room, because it creates the illusion of more space.


Unique designs

Glass pocket doors are very popular solutions for small spaces, because they let light shine in and make a small room more comfortable and less claustrophobic. Glass doors look very stylish and contemporary as it is, but you can also add a bespoke decorative design to match your interior décor, which can add colours, or simply use sand-blasted lines in the satin opaque finish.


Zoning open-plan spaces

If you have the wall space, using double pocket doors to zone open plan spaces creates a useful temporary solution. If you have a separate dining room, living room or kitchen, it can be hard to create a flow and an atmosphere when entertaining, because people are isolated in separate rooms. But pocket doors allow you to open this space up and generate a more positive energy, while the rest of the time the rooms can be zoned-off as normal by closing the pocket doors.


Accessoriesanti slam accessory pocket door

Pocket door systems can be retro-fitted with pocket door accessories to make them more practical in an everyday sense. These include the anti-slam feature. This is an accessory that can be fitted to take control of the opening and closing action of the door, so it has a soft-close action and therefore doesn’t slam. This helps with noise and damage, and maintains the pocket door as a simple, clean and trouble-free feature. You can also add a touch latch feature, which is a mechanism installed on the leading edge of the pocket door. When activated by pushing on the leading edge, the door will close automatically. This means you are able to install the pocket door so it is 100% concealed in the pocket when open. Because you can fit the door so it sits flush in the pocket, you don’t need a small portion protruding from the pocket for you to grab in order to close it, which can be untidy and unappealing and can also cause an obstacle when passing through the door.


Ask our experts for design advice at the Pocket Door Shop

If you need advice on the practical and aesthetic benefits of the pocket door, then Pocket Door Shop are here to help! We have some great design solutions for your home, so get in touch today.    

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