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So Many Different Styles Of Pocket Door

The moment you decide that a pocket door is for you, can be the moment your life changed for the better. No longer do you need to put up with the space restrictions that traditional hinged doors provide, and at last you can press on with those plans to create a kids’ playroom or a home office, or an en-suite bathroom. But that is not the end of your decision-making. You now need to decide what type of pocket door you want, and there is a wealth of choice out there for you.

What type of door you decide upon really depends on what function the door is providing. You may need the door purely to provide more space or it may be the style that is important. A pocket door can provide benefits both at home and in the office, but whether you want it for a functional purpose or just because it looks nice or lets in more light, will really dictate which type of door you go for.

What type of pocket door is for you?

So what are the options? Well the most obvious choice you face is whether you go for a single door or a set of double doors. For an office boardroom you might opt for double doors, because it provides that sweeping sense of prestige that you want for a boardroom. You might also want that at home as a door between a lounge and a dining room. But of course you need the space.

Glass pocket doors are very popular as they provide all the usual benefits, whilst also allowing more natural light into a room or an adjacent corridor, perfect for ensuite bathroom.  This can help with electricity costs but also lift the mood of the home and make a small room or stuffy corridor feel more spacious and airy. Of course glass pocket doors can be etched with different designs to make them individual to your home and to suit their surroundings, and like the standard doors, they can be single or double too.

pocket door styles


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Other options are a frameless system, where fussy architrave is removed from the design and you have a sleek, flawless door system that is very minimalist and contemporary. Again, this is good for a modern office block or home. At the Pocket Door Shop we also stock ‘specials’, which include rounded doors, telescopic doors and folding doors, as well as sliding door gear, for when you don’t have the space or feasibility to create a wall pocket and you would rather have the door sliding along the wall on an overhead rail system.

Pocket Door Style


As you can see, the choice of doors really depends on what you are using the room layout for and what your future plans are. Needless to say, we will have the right solution for you if you contact us and give us an idea of your overall plans. And if it looks like at first we don’t have the solution for you, that might not necessarily be the case. Our accessories range allows you to retro-fit functional items such as double-door co-ordination, soft-close/anti-slam connections and self-close connections.

Ultimately, the choice is yours, so contact us today and we can discuss the merits of any of our product items and work with you to find the best solution for your home.

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