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Single Or Double – The Choice Is Yours

single glass pocket door

We all know about the space-saving qualities of the pocket door compared to the traditional hinged door, but another great advantage is its versatility and the number of rooms and spaces it can work in and the number of styles that can provide a solution for you. And not only that, this applies at home as well as in the workplace.

At the Pocket Door Shop we have a wealth of choice in terms of pocket door designs, but these options are multiplied by two in the fact that you can choose between a single door or a double door in most of these designs.

If you are limited with wall space or your door is in a narrow corridor, of course it makes sense to use a single pocket door, but that is not always the case, and particularly in areas where you are using doors to link two rooms, a double door might be a great addition to your home. This is particularly the case if you are linking a living room and a dining room, for example, or a dining room and a kitchen. Double doors are also very popular in the workplace where typically we enjoy a lot more wall space and there is more scope to install a double door system.

Our range of single and double pocket doors

double pocket door

Double doors in the workplace are very popular for meeting rooms, demonstration rooms or boardrooms, because these are typically much bigger rooms and often double doors can add prestige and the sense of formal prominence and significance that you want some rooms in the workplace to have. But of our range of pocket doors, what can you opt for which has a choice of single or double doors?

  • Standard architrave doors – our standard classic pocket doors fitted with surrounding architrave are available in either single or double doors (architrave not supplied)
  • Flush pocket doors – these are standard doors but have no surrounding architrave, so they look sleek, elegant and modern and are particularly popular with contemporary offices and other minimalist workplace designs, but can also look great in the home.
  • Fire doors – our fire door systems are FD30-rated, which means they can protect your home from spreading fire for up to 30 minutes. Again, these are most suited to the workplace where fire regulations stipulate that you must take precautions to protect everyone in the organisation, although fire doors are also required in domestic settings.
  • Glass pocket doors – you can opt for glass pocket doors in either single or double designs. In the workplace these are popular for businesses incorporating logos and branding into the etched glass designs, but glass doors are just as popular in the home for making use of small rooms to make them brighter, and for linking rooms with double doors.

Single or double pocket doors from the experts

Another important feature of our pocket door systems is the range of accessories, such as slow-closing fittings, self-closing fittings and touch latch fittings. Some of these are designed for single doors, but some are particularly suitable for double doors, such as anti-slam fittings and double-door co-ordination, where you can push one door to open or close it, and the mechanism activates both doors together.

So check out our range of pocket doors and speak to our sales experts to establish what options you have for single or double doors. We can help you make critical measurements to ensure you get the right system for your needs, so get in touch today.   

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