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Save Space in Your Boardroom by Installing Glass Pocket Doors

Pocket doors can have a transformational effect on the home, but also on the business environment. A commercial business is reliant on fine margins to stay ahead of the competition, and the various benefits that pocket doors provide can be transmitted to any organisation that needs to save space or add a certain prestige to its operations.boardroom glass door

Space can be important to a business, just like it is in the home, for creating a new use for a room and re-designing the workplace, for creating additional room or for creating much-needed storage space. Pocket doors are also critical where disabled access is required and provide certain other safety benefits also.

A common use for pocket doors in a business, however, is as a feature entrance to a boardroom. In many work environments you will have sufficient space to incorporate a double door entrance to a boardroom, which immediately gives a powerful message and adds a seniority and status to a room and therefore to the business.

Pocket doors for a commercial business

The boardroom is where important discussions are undertaken and decisions made. A business needs to make this room look and feel different to other offices or meeting rooms, and double glass pocket doors are a great way of achieving that.

In terms of saving space, pocket doors will allow you to locate a large meeting table with sufficient chairs, and you will also be able to store projector facilities and a screen. You may also wish to include provision for catering facilities with space for tea and coffee-making or tables for bringing in food at certain intervals. Pocket doors will allow you to create that critical space.

At the Pocket Door Shop we have a vast range of options in terms of how you want your glass pocket doors to look. In most cases, for a boardroom you would want tempered glass with a satin opaque finish. This allows you to maintain some privacy and confidentiality to discussions, but also allows people to be aware that there are people in the room. For safety reasons this is important, but for private discussions and meetings, you don’t always want people passing by to see too much.

Include your logo on a glass pocket door

Our range of glass pocket doors includes sandblasted designs which create a striking feature and can immediately add some refinement and standing to a business, and where important visitors are attending the premises for the meeting, this can be critical.

We can also offer bespoke designs where a business can have their own logo etched onto a glass pocket door. We have a selection of generic designs to choose from, but for a business to have their own logo on the boardroom door creates a great impression and could help make the difference when attempting to impress people and influence key decisions.

So take a look at our glass pocket door range now and consider it for your boardroom re-design, along with the figures and the projections and critical detail on the bottom line, it just might make that important difference.  To view our range of glass pocket doors please click here.

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