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Reflect More Light Into Your Room With A Mirrored Pocket Door

It is well established that the principal benefit of a pocket door system is to create more space, and the glass pocket doors supplied by the Pocket Door Shop take this a step further by also letting more light into a room to create an airier, spacier feel. Our powers of innovation do not stop there, however. There is a way to create these practical benefits while also providing more functional benefits than a simple door is expected to, and that is by making it a mirrored pocket door.

Our 10mm mirrored pocket door systems work in exactly the same way as our standard pocket door systems, in that they open up into a wall recess rather than swinging into a room like a traditional, hinged door. This means the space immediately behind the door becomes usable and possibly enables you to envisage and then create a new function for the room.

The benefits of a mirrored pocket doormirrored pocket door system

A mirrored pocket door increases these possibilities. We have seen numerous examples where a pocket door enables a family to create a playroom, a home office, a utility room, a downstairs toilet, an en-suite bathroom or a guest bedroom, but the mirrored element makes this even more useful. A small space such as an en-suite or a box bedroom will feel brighter, larger and less enclosed, and hence more comfortable, with the use of a mirrored door, and even in a standard-sized bedroom a large mirror has many uses.

Do you like dancing around and having a glam, make-over party with your friends? Then a large mirrored door is perfect for that. Maybe you just need a full-length mirror to help you get ready for an evening out, or you love your online shopping and need somewhere to help make a decision when trying on your purchases? Could you incorporate a mirrored pocket door into your wardrobe design? Or create a walk-in wardrobe with a mirrored pocket door?

Our mirrored pocket door systems

A mirrored pocket door will make your room feel larger and more airy and it also provides an elegant, fashionable and classic style for your room that will never age or look anything less than chic. So by installing a mirrored pocket door you are creating space and reflecting more light into your room, at the same time as giving your door another functional purpose, and of course you are saving on the expense of buying a full length mirror too.

Our mirrored pocket doors are supplied and fitted in exactly the same way as our standard doors, so you can speak to our sales experts at the Pocket Door Shop, who can advise on the pocket door system you need and which accessories and sizes will suit your room and functional purposes best. So get in touch with the Pocket Door Shop today and you can start reflecting some light back into your life with a stylish mirrored pocket door.


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