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Pocket doors in commercial spaces - enhancing efficiency and privacy in workplaces

Managing a commercial workplace presents much the same problems as the domestic home, in terms of designing the most effective layout, maximising space and making the available space flow. In a workplace you need people to be able to interact and communicate effectively, but you also need to provide people with a workstation that is conducive to the nature of their work, this could require privacy and quiet solitude for focus and concentration, or it could require close collaboration with colleagues in an open plan environment.

In addition to designing a suitable workstation for employees, the employer needs to think about practical issues such as storage, welfare and infrastructure. How these elements function can have a large bearing on how productive the workplace is, so a business needs to pay close attention to designing system processes which allow people to flourish. This often comes down to how office and commercial spaces are designed, and the pocket door can have a significant bearing on the success of this, not only because of its aesthetic appeal but also because of its space-saving qualities.


How a pocket door can be used in a commercial spacepocket doors in a commercial space

When designing office space in a business the employer has to consider their basic legal duties, this relates to the health and safety of employees and providing a safe and comfortable workplace. In terms of an office workstation, there are ergonomic factors to consider, but also the ambience and location of a workspace and whether it provides an environment in which a particular person can thrive and be productive. Fundamentally, there are regulations dictating the minimum size of a workstation, but you also need to consider light, noise, heat and ventilation. In a dark and stuffy work environment an employee could be demotivated, tired and make poor decisions, so the employer needs to consider how best to utilise space while also providing effective workstations for all the different roles in the business.

The pocket door can facilitate this situation by helping the employer maximise space. Because the pocket door opens into a wall recess rather than into the room itself, this creates precious space directly behind the door which is now available to use. This usually equates to around ten square feet of space, but could be sufficient to accommodate an extra desk in a larger open plan office, or it could be enough to make a single office more airy and comfortable, or to be equipped with more facilities, such as a cabinet, a set of drawers or even just an extra chair for visitors.

In a small office it may also be necessary to install a glass pocket door. This will allow light to flow into the room and could make the difference in it being a usable office space. Even if a room is big enough, if there is no natural light from a window the room can feel stuffy and claustrophobic, and will not be suitable for getting the most out of an employee. A glass pocket door can change the ambience of a small space and hence make it more practical.


Other uses for pocket doors in a commercial space

Double pocket doors can be used for open plan offices, using the same principle that a few feet of space created can have various practical uses. But the pocket door can have several other benefits in a commercial environment, such as:

  • Blocking off space to create storage – for documents/files or for tools and equipment
  • Photocopier room
  • Computer server room
  • Canteen or drinks-making space
  • Toilet
  • Double pocket doors for a meeting room, boardroom or demonstration room

In some of these cases the pocket door creates space so that a room can be used, when it doesn’t necessarily need to be inhabited by a person. So nobody spends a significant length of time in there, and hence the room doesn’t need to be large enough to consider a person’s comfort. This applies to areas used for storage or a computer server. In other situations such as a boardroom or demonstration room, double pocket doors can act as a professional and prestigious entrance to a room that is often frequented by visitors and customers. This can be a high profile statement and doors can be personalised with company logos for this kind of purpose.


Contact the Pocket Door Shop for help in choosing pocket doors for a commercial space

So whatever your needs in a commercial space – whether for privacy and a small office space or for professional statements in public areas – the pocket door is an adaptable solution which creates space and offers you stylish, elegant and contemporary internal décor to enhance your commercial space.

If you need any assistance with choosing pocket doors for a commercial space, contact our experts at the Pocket Door Shop today.    

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