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Pocket doors and a loft conversion - making the most of vertical space

When land constraints mean we can’t build downwards with a basement conversion or outwards with an extension, upwards might remain as the only option. Loft conversions are one of the most popular means of creating new space in the home, and while it’s not quite the case that the sky’s the limit – planning requirements dictate that you can’t just build multiple storeys above your existing home – building an extra level of usable space into your loft can have a transformational effect on the home and your lifestyle.

There are many reasons why a loft conversion is necessary. You may need an extra bedroom because your family is growing and evolving, you may need a home office because of flexible-working proposals and a loft conversion is the knock-on effect of the requirement for an extra room, or you may have a new hobby or are undergoing a fitness kick and need space to partake in your new interest. Whatever the reason, creating extra space with a loft conversion is a major undertaking and requires detailed plans to ensure you are making the best use of space. And the pocket door is the key to making this happen.


What does a loft conversion involve?

All houses are different and have varying sizes of loft space available. It is possible to create two rooms in a loft space, but in most cases a loft extension accommodates one, possibly with an en-suite bathroom also. What is common across all loft conversions is that they will involve pretty much every trade there is; roofers, window fitters, joiners, plasterers, bathroom fitters, tilers, plumbers and electricians. And when all that’s done, you will probably need new carpets and new decorating too.

Another common denominator with loft conversions is the mess and disruption they cause. You might think that building upwards won’t have much of an affect on the natural flow of your home, but once the build has knocked through from the loft into your existing day-to-day home, ie. to build a new staircase up to the loft, it is unavoidable that joinery and plumbing work in particular will encroach on your daily lives. A key element that many people don’t consider when assessing the practicalities of a loft conversion is that a new staircase needs to be constructed and this will impact on the available space on the first floor of your home. Depending on the design of your home, this staircase will need to be built into an existing room, or into a landing space which consequently makes other existing rooms smaller. In this kind of situation, a pocket door can be the vital factor in repurposing these smaller rooms and making sure they remain practical.


How the pocket door can help make a loft conversion workpocket doors for a loft conversion

So if you had a small bedroom that is now even smaller, to accommodate the staircase, a pocket door can create the extra few square feet you need to keep this as a workable bedroom, or convert it to a practical home office. In many cases the creation of the new staircase and making an existing room smaller is only possible by building a new internal stud wall. This is perfect for accommodating pocket door systems, ie. the door itself and the steel frame, as long as you have sufficient wall space. But whatever you choose to do with this smaller space, the pocket door can help to make it happen.

In the loft itself you need to maximise the space available to ensure you are getting the most out of your investment. The pocket door could be the key to being able to create two rooms from this new space. With the space-saving qualities of the pocket door you may be able to create two new small bedrooms, or a bedroom alongside a home office or playroom. It is also common to have a larger bedroom with an en-suite bathroom, and the pocket door is critical in making this lifestyle luxury a reality.


Contact the Pocket Door Shop if you are considering a loft conversion

So there is lots to consider when thinking about a loft conversion, not least the fact that space and how you use it becomes an important factor both in the loft itself, but also downstairs on the first floor. The contractor you choose will present you with drawings and plans and will be able to advise on planning requirements and what you can legally and practically do with a small space, so it is worth talking about pocket doors and how they could be the trigger to making some designs possible and therefore maximising your available space.

At Pocket Door Shop we have advised many customers on the benefits of pocket doors and what they enable you to create in a loft conversion. So get in touch with our team today and we can help you install pocket doors to maximise space in your home and make sure you get the most out of your loft conversion.   

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