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Pocket Doors that won't burn a hole in your pocket

Pocket doors that won’t burn a hole in your pocket

Known in the United States as ‘sliding doors’, pocket doors have enjoyed an increased demand in the UK because of their space-saving features in smaller areas. In average UK homes, up to 8% more space can be freed up if a sliding door is used, according to estimates.

Sliding doors are especially useful for rooms with their own bathrooms so doors won’t eat up precious space. In addition, small spaces can be made to look brighter and larger by using glass sliding doors. Also, for larger areas, sliding doors are ideal as room separators when needed — and ‘letting the outside in’ when slid back.

One often overlooked feature of sliding doors is that they are very user-friendly. If your hands are full, you can easily use your body to slide the doors open. Their ease of opening is also a bonus for the elderly and small children.

Since there are no hinges, and the weight of the doors are usually supported by the top tracks, sliding doors are also relatively longer lasting than conventional hinged doors which are prone to slamming and the occasional weight of children who like to play with a hinged door as a swing.

However, in today’s cost conscious times, consumers think about affordability first. The good news is because of the availability of do-it-yourself sliding door kits and inexpensive sliding door hardware, installing sliding doors can now be done by the homeowner himself, avoiding labour charges.
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These doors are not bland looking at all. There are now sliding door systems for all requirements. You can also choose whether the doors have frames, or, in the case of Syntesis kit, none at all — giving the room a modern, clean look.

Speaking of frames, Pocket Door Shop specialise mainly in Eclisse frames that fit most conventional doors including glass doors having a suitable surround. The choice of doors are left to the customer so they can be sure the doors chosen for the pocket door frames really suit their homes. We do supply a limited selection of doors available on special order — mostly for doors not generally available in the UK.

There’s always a sliding door suitable for any home or office. Why not think about installing one now?

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