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Pocket Doors For Boardrooms

boardroom sliding door

A boardroom is where the big decisions are made. There is deep discussion, much evaluation and sometimes high tension. The boardroom is the very pinnacle of an organisation and as such it needs to look like it.

In a boardroom you need clarity and no distractions, but you also need to make a statement. Maybe it is the public face of the organisation that visitors and key partners see most? So you can’t afford for the boardroom to look just like any other room. It requires prestige, style and décor that is unfussy, calming and yet clinical.

The pocket door is the perfect feature for a boardroom because it instantly demonstrates an aesthetic sense of class and elegance; it is modern, minimalist and attractive, and yet it is also functional and the ideal way to make an impact and present the boardroom as having status and importance.

Double pocket doors are perfect for the boardroom

With a pocket door you can create an entrance for the boardroom that is polished and clean and therefore provides the right image for a part of the organisation that means business and has to deliver, with no room for waste, error or misjudgement. The pocket door as a single door can certainly make a statement, but for the boardroom a double pocket door really delivers the impact that you want.

A double pocket door provides the imposing and ambitious entrance you want for a boardroom, and of course the pocket door gives you more space. In a boardroom you need to breathe, you need to move around, you need to think; you want to promote freedom of expression and to allow ideas to come to the fore. You want break-out areas for coffees, snacks and lunch and the pocket door helps to create that, providing critical additional space that the traditional hinged door takes up. You can also choose a design with no frame or architrave, so the overall image is clean and precise, and projects an appearance of clear thought and defined, objective deliberation. 

Pocket doors are easy to install

Our double pocket doors are available for 100mm or 125mm wall thicknesses, are really easy to install and all parts are included in our packages. You can also choose a glass pocket door, which gives a boardroom a light and airy feel, creating additional natural light which just might make the difference in getting those key decisions right.    

Pocket doors for a boardroom are the essential design feature that projects the right image for your organisation. They promote style and sophistication, and an eye for detail, but most importantly, they show that your organisation is a little bit different and demands the very best.

Details of our standard double pocket door kit can be found here - https://www.pocketdoorshop.co.uk/category/284/Eclisse-Unico-DD-bopenKits-for-double-doorsbclose if you’re looking for a bespoke sized solution please view this link - https://www.pocketdoorshop.co.uk/view-product/Made-to-Measure-Pocket-Doors


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