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Pocket Doors Are the Ideal Bank Holiday Home Improvement

With a three day weekend coming up it is the perfect time to take a step back and a few deep breaths. An opportunity to take a break from the rigours of work and the relentless daily schedule. It is no coincidence that the big DIY stores are busier over a bank holiday weekend, because it is a very popular time to tackle those little jobs you have been putting off for the last few weeks or months. As you wander up and down the aisles everyone you encounter is in the same boat. You have an extra day to your weekend and you are going to finish that DIY job no matter what.

Of course home improvement jobs we take on over a bank holiday weekend tend to be the easier ones we can do ourselves and which can be completed within a reasonable time frame. And fitting a pocket door falls neatly into that category as the perfect DIY job that will cause you little bother and will immediately enhance your home.

Improve your home with a pocket door

A bank holiday weekend is also a time to think creatively, with that little bit of extra time to be able to sit down and reflect and maybe conclude that some improvements are needed around the house. Pocket doors are the perfect solution for adding a contemporary feel to the home, for creating space in a small room and for introducing more natural light into the home if you opt for a glass pocket door.

We have a fantastic range of options that can suit every space, every room and every colour scheme and all our pocket door kits come complete with frame, rail and jambs to enable you to easily install the door and enjoy the many benefits straight away. Whether you need a double door, a telescopic door for a tight space, a self-closing door or an anti-slam door, we have everything available in stock and are happy to help you choose.

The perfect time to install a pocket door

With free carriage throughout mainland UK and great customer service advice at the end of the phone you have no excuse for not planning ahead and making the right selection today, in time for the bank holiday weekend. Now is the time to introduce your home to one of the best design solutions of the last few years; the triumphant return of the pocket door.

A bank holiday weekend is a great opportunity to mix quality time with the family and feel the warm sense of achievement in improving the home and installing a pocket door is a cost-effective, stylish and practical way to do that.

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