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Pocket Doors Are Perfect for Summer

pocket doors for summer

After the long slog of winter, it feels like summer is almost here. We have wrestled the garden furniture out of storage, cut the grass for the first time and the ambitious amongst us are even thinking about dusting down the barbecue. Winter can feel like it will never end, and it does affect our moods and routines, but there is no better feeling than that first sense that we’ve turned the corner; the lighter evenings, fresh air flowing through the house and making plans for the summer.

Home improvement projects are traditionally taken on when the weather has improved. You might have to work outside, or store things temporarily in the garden or driveway, you might have to go without heating for a period of time. But the spring and summer months are also a time when we look forward more optimistically and consider what we can do to make our homes better and ensure we can make the most of the better weather, and pocket doors are a great example of that.

The advantages of pocket doors

You know all about the advantages of pocket doors in the home as a modern, stylish, easy-to-fit, cost-effective, space-saving design solution, but did you realise they are also a great way to make the most of your home in the summer months?  

It is not often we look at internal or external doors and realise how big they are, perhaps not until we consider fitting a pocket door. In an average sized room a pocket door will create around eight square metres of extra space, compared to a traditional hinged door. When that door is open you can imagine how much natural light it can block in a room from a nearby window? A door that disappears into a wall cavity allows so much natural light to flood into the home; bringing more of the outside in.

Glass pocket doors

Furthermore, glass pocket doors are a great way to quite literally shine light on your lives. A traditional wooden door blocks out an enormous amount of light, and while you could install a wooden pocket door and leave it open to allow light in, with a glass pocket door you can let the light pour through whether it is open or closed.

It is medically proven that more natural light makes us feel better, at ease and more optimistic, we can even feel more creative. So a great home improvement project to consider as the summer months approach is glass pocket doors; to transform your property and transform your lives with an effective, simple and inexpensive design solution.

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