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Pocket Door Design Choices

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Our Range Of Pocket Door Designs

Deciding on the suitability of a pocket door in your home or workplace is quite a big decision. It depends on having enough wall space of course, and also what features you are likely to benefit from, such as additional space and light and being able to use a room for multiple purposes. But once you have decided that the concept of the pocket door is for you, the next challenge is deciding on which pocket door design is best.

At the Pocket Door Shop we can offer an extensive range of designs which means you are always able to find something that suits your circumstances. You can talk to our experts about your home or workplace and your practical and design needs, but as an introduction, here is a brief rundown of our range.

Single or double

Nearly all our kits are available in single or double packages. This is pretty self-explanatory, but in most cases we find that double doors are most popular in the workplace. Here you have more wall space than at home, and a double door acts as an impressive and prestigious entrance to a boardroom, meeting room or office. Single doors, naturally, are more popular and offer much more flexibility.

Fire door kit

Many of our pocket door packages are available as a FD30 fire rated door package, which means the doors have been tested and certificated to provide up to 30 minutes protection in the event of a fire.

Flush door kits

This kit design is growing rapidly in popularity due to the minimalist and contemporary nature of the design. This is an innovative counter-frame system which requires no architrave, and therefore gives a clean and uncluttered look. To some, architrave is a non-essential and traditional feature of a door system, and this type of door certainly supports that view. These types of kits are popular in the workplace, but will also work in a new-build property with a modern feel.

Glass Doors

Possibly our most popular type of pocket door is the glass door. These enable you to use smaller rooms for more purposes, because they let light flood in and out, and create a more airy environment. Our glass doors have a satin opaque finish for security and privacy and can also be sandblasted with a selection of designs, or even with your own bespoke design.


We are able to make unique pocket door systems measured to your exact requirements. Often we find customers have special size requirements which differ from standard door or wall measurements. There’s no reason why you can’t still have a pocket door, so we make these especially for you. As a result, naturally, these systems are slightly more expensive and have a longer lead time.   


We can provide ‘special’ pocket door systems which adopt telescopic designs where the doors extend and retract into each other, and curved pocket doors for a really sleek and modern design. Again, these are not off-the-shelf products and therefore are made to order and carry a longer lead time.

Sliding Door Gearsliding door gear

Like the idea of pocket doors but don’t have the space? Or you don’t fancy digging the wall out? Sliding door gear follows the same principle but the door slides along an overhead rail and sits adjacent to the wall, rather than in a pocket inside the wall. So you get all the space-saving and light benefits, and in a really simple and easy-to-install way.

If any of these design ideas catch your eye, get in touch with our sales team and we can discuss your requirements and have you enjoying the benefits of our pocket doors designs as soon as possible.

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