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Our Diverse Range Of Pocket Doors

The pocket door is a design classic; not just for its practicality and space-saving qualities but also for its aesthetic appeal. And despite the pocket door being a triumph of simplicity, it has many diverse uses and is adaptable to many rooms in the home and workplace. This is amply demonstrated by the diversity of our pocket door range.

If you are wanting to create a partition in a room, create a new room or enable a room to have multiple purposes, you can find the solution in one of our variation of pocket door systems. So maximise the space and potential of your home or workplace and find a way to make it right for you with a selection from our pocket door shop range.

single pocket door








Eclisse Unico Classic Single Doors

Our most popular kit, this single door product is available for wall thicknesses of 95mm, 100mm, 115mm and 125mm, and its simple design means it is adaptable for any room in any contemporary or traditional property.

double pocket door








Eclisse Unico Classic Double Doors

If you have the wall space these double doors are ideal for partitioning off a lounge and a dining room or for a large meeting room in the workplace. Available in 95mm, 100mm, 115mm or 125mm these are adaptable doors which look great in all styles of property.

fire rated pocket door








Eclisse Unico Single Door Fire-Rated

These single fire doors are FD30-rated, meaning they can withstand the spread of fire for up to 30 minutes. Available for 100mm wall thicknesses, they are the ideal solution where safety regulations demand a fire safety solution.

fire rated pocket door double








Eclisse Unico Double Door Fire-Rated

These attractive and functional double fire doors are FD30-rated, meaning they can withstand the spread of fire for up to 30 minutes. They are a popular solution in the workplace where regulations depict that fire doors are necessary, and are available for 120mm wall thicknesses.

 single pocket door picture







Eclisse Syntesis Single Door

These single doors are a frameless system with no finish architrave, making them ideal for the contemporary home or workplace that has a modern, minimalist feel. These chic and elegant doors are available for either 100mm or 125mm wall thickness.

double pocket door picture








Eclisse Syntesis Double Door

The perfect solution for a contemporary home or workplace, these frameless double doors have no finish architrave, making them flush to the wall to create a stylish, modern look. Available for both 100mm and 125mm wall thicknesses.

single glass pocket door








Eclisse 8mm Single Glass Door

Let the light shine in with these sleek and stylish 8mm glass pocket doors. Ideal for a small office or converted box room, the satin opaque finish creates a frosted appearance which means you also have the privacy to use them as a bathroom or en-suite door. Available for 95mm, 100mm, 115mm and 125mm wall thicknesses.

single eclisse pocket door








Eclisse 8mm Single Righe Glass Door

These attractive Righe glass doors have a satin opaque finish for a frosted appearance, but have sandblasted lines for a stylish and elegant look. Available for 95mm, 100mm, 115mm and 125mm wall thicknesses.

eclisse double pocket door glass








Eclisse 8mm Double Glass Door

A stylish and contemporary way to let light flood into a larger room with the wall space for double doors. Available for 95mm, 100mm, 115mm and 125mm wall thicknesses, the satin opaque finish also provides privacy where needed.

double glass pocket door picture








Eclisse 8mm Double Righe Glass Doors

These elegant double doors are frosted for added privacy but incorporate sandblasted lines to provide an attractive, contemporary feel. Available for 95mm, 100mm, 115mm and 125mm wall thicknesses.

 bespoke pocket door kits








Eclisse 10mm Single Bespoke Glass Doors

The glass is 10mm thick for these doors, but you can choose from a vast range of different etched and coloured glass designs and sizes, including single or double door options, and also including the option of incorporating your own company logo.

 special pocket door kits









You can choose one of our non-standard ‘specials’, which includes specialist options for curved, telescopic, novanta or unilateral pocket doors. Price is on application due to the bespoke nature of this option.

made to measure pocket doors









Bespoke Pocket Doors

You can opt for a unique ‘made to measure’ pocket door system if you have non-standard requirements in your home or workplace. We can accommodate anything up to 2000mm wide and 2900mm high, and the options also include single or double doors, fire-rated doors, frameless systems and glass doors.

Contact the Pocket Door Shop for all your pocket door needs

So now you have seen our vast range you might need more information on what is best for your home or workplace. So contact our experts at Pocket Door Shop and we can help you make the right decision and find the best pocket door solution.

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