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Making Space For A Home Office In 2021

When the COVID pandemic first hit in March 2020, many people were faced with an unprecedented situation. If you had never worked at home before, you had to find a way to do so. In some jobs of course this was impossible, whilst in other jobs you may have thought it was, but many people have learnt to adapt. Technology has helped us connect easier with people, and as time has gone on, working from home has not only become the norm, it has also become a preference.home office pocket door

There are a number of benefits to working from home:

  • It is quieter and you can concentrate better with no distractions
  • It is cheaper because you save on petrol or travel fares, parking costs and wear and tear on your vehicle
  • You have more time to work because you are saving on travel time, so your company benefits also
  • You can be more flexible to work earlier or later
  • You can attend to critical jobs or deliveries for the house
  • You are contributing to less traffic on the roads

How a pocket door can help create a home office

As COVID restrictions are lifted many people are returning to the office, but this might only be on a part-time basis, because many businesses have found that home-working is extremely beneficial for them. It is possible to connect people as necessary, and for some, a decision has been made to stick to home-working on a long-term basis. This means that many people are faced with the problem of making long term plans in the home.

If you are lucky, you already have a suitable home-working space, but many people haven’t, or if they have, they now need to accommodate two people working from home. This needs some consideration and may involve some investment, but the humble pocket door is a great solution to making a small space much more practical, and could be the golden ticket to you being able to create a suitable home-working space.

Maybe you have a spare bedroom that needs to double as an office, or you have a kids’ playroom that is under-utilised because they have grown up, or maybe you have a utility room that could be adapted? In most cases, the few inches of space that is needed to fit a desk, a chair, a PC and some shelves or a drawer unit, can be found by installing a pocket door.

Our range of pocket doors for a home office

Compared to a traditional hinged door, a pocket door creates space because it doesn’t need to open into the room, eating into those precious available inches. Furthermore, where you are looking at converting a small, pokey room, a glass pocket door can help by providing light as well as space. A glass pocket door can let light flood in and out, and also create a more accommodating ambience with the feeling of the room being more airy.

These are the little things that can make a huge difference if you are faced with the decision of how to make a permanent home-working space. So contact the Pocket Door Shop to have a look at our range of pocket doors suitable for a home office, and pretty soon you can be out of the kitchen or the living room and nicely settled in the quiet, studious and comfortable home office you always wanted.

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